Chicago’s BARS/CLUBS  *open till 4am
M-Men, W-Women, C-Club, L-Leather, V-Video, E-Entertainment, B-Back room, S-Straight
3160 (M V)
3160 N Clark•773-327-5969 

(M W)
5355 N. Clark•773-784-1100

Anvil (M)
1137 W. Granville•773-973-0006

Baton Show Lounge (M W C)
436 N. Clark • 312-644-5269

Berlin*(M W C)
954 W. Belmont • 773-348-4975

Big Chicks (M W)
5024 N. Sheridan • 773-728-5511

Bijou Theatre (M E)
1349 N. Wells • 312-943-5397

Bobby Love's-Piano Bar
(M E)
3729 N. Halsted•773-525-1200

The Call
 (M V )
1547 W Bryn Mawr•773-334-2525

Cell Block (M L)
3702 N. Halsted•773-665-8064

Charlie's* (M W L C)
3726 N. Broadway•773-871-8887

Closet*(Women/Mixed) (M W)
3325 N. Broadway•773-477-8533

Crew Bar & Grill (M W E)
4804 N. Broadway•773-784-2739

Davenport's Piano Bar (M W S E)
1383 N. Milwaukee•773-278-1830

Downtown  (M V)
440 N State St•312-464-1400 

Glenwood (M E W)
6962 N Glenwood •773-764-7363

(M V)
3441 N. Halsted•773-348-9696

Hydrate (M W E C)
3458 N. Halsted•773-975-9244 

InnExhile  (W C M)
5758 W 65th•773-582-3510 

Jackhammer* (M E)
6406 N. Clark•773-743-5772

Jeffery Pub  (M E)
7041 S. Jeffery Blvd.

Little Jim's* (M)
3501 N. Halsted•773-871-6116

Lucky Horseshoe (Male Dancers) 
3169 N. Halsted•773-404-3169

Marty's - Martini Bar
1511 W. balmoral 

Mary's Attic (M B E V)
5400 N. Clark•773-784-6969

Manhandler* (M B)
1948 N. Halsted•773-871-3339

Mini Bar (M F G S)
3341 N. Halsted •773-871-MBAR

North End
(M V)
3733 N. Halsted•773-477-7999

Parlour on Clark  (W M V)
6341 N Clark•773-564-9274

Roscoe's (M W C V)
3354-56 N. Halsted•773-281-3355 

Scarlet (MV)
3320 N. Halsted•773-348-1053

(M W)
1829 W. Montrose•773-528-3253

Second Story Bar (M)
157 E. Ohio•312-923-9536

(M V)
3349 N. Halsted•312-477-9189

Sofo (M V)
4923 N. Clark•773-784-7636 

Spin (M W C) 

Spyners Pub - lesbian
4623 N Western•773-784-8719  

T's (M W food)
5025 N Clark•773-784-6000

(M L B)
6412 N. Clark•773-465-7400


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