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MarryMePINK and Music by Lise put together some questions and answers that will help you understand the process of hiring a any musician, band or DJ for your wedding. These questions and answers will avoid any problems that could arise if you didn't know what to ask or what you should know.

1. When and where can we see you perform live?

The band or deejay should invite you to a club date or schedule a mini performance of three to four songs for a small audience. Since 2008 many wedding bands and DJ’s aren’t able to perform in live clubs(although they want to) depending on the local scene and because many live clubs have closed or have cut their budget for music due to the economy.   They shouldn’t be counted out however.  A good DVD along with YouTube videos and client references are a good judge of a band’s will quality.  At Music by Lise, our groups do still perform live in Chicago and in addition we provide a small live mini performance at our home studios for all of our clients.  Certainly our DJ, bandleader and lead singer of the groups meet the couple in person because the better we know you the better we can provide you with the best service on your special day!

2. Can you supply us with a videotape or audiotape? Is it recorded live or produced? Is the sound technically enhanced?
A seasoned band should be able to provide both an audio CD and a live DVD. While the sound may be somewhat electronically enhanced, it generally doesn’t cross the line into misrepresenting the band’s sound. Ask the band if it has a site on www.myspace.com, where you can hear it live. An experienced band will have many examples of their audio and video work available on Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Reverbnation and on their own website.  Hard copies are the norm as well.  Music by Lise provides our couples with the full list of online links to our shows.   The lucky prospectives can also experience us at www.musicbylise.com,  www.facebook.com/musicbylise and on YouTube.  We also do provide hard copies of our CD’s, DVD’s, photos, references and repertoire lists.

3. Can you play any song we want, regardless of your style?
Presumably, you’ve chosen a deejay or a band that stylistically suits your musical taste. It should be able to provide you with a set list of up to 100 songs for review. You can request songs off the playlist. As most bands are willing to learn up to five new tunes for the occasion. Every band should have repertoire lists for the couples to peruse.  Many bands also ask that special requests be given at least two months before the event so they have time to rehearse it. 
If variety is what you are looking for, then Music by Lise is the go-to band agency for your special event. Our roster features some of the most talented live musicians available in the area, performing a wide variety of musical styles and genres, including: 
   1. Elegant classical ensembles    2. Hot Latin jazz    3. Rock and rhythm and blues    4. Ttraditional jazz and swing standards
   5. Motown and Top 40 pop favorites   6. Your special requests!
Each group has their own repertoire list and is open to musical requests!  Our musical groups and soloists specialize in live music for wedding ceremonies and receptions, parties, dinners, fundraisers, corporate events, concerts, and any other special occasions that require the perfect live music accompaniment.

4. How many musicians are in the band? Is there a vocalist? Is this negotiable?
A typical wedding band has a core group of five members– drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals. Depending on your needs and expectations, the band can expand by adding more vocalists and, in some cases, a horn section. Keep in mind that the more players you hire, the more expensive the band will be. Music by Lise offers a variety of music packages that also include ceremony, cocktail and dinner music to fit each client’s price point and musical taste.

5. Do we need to rent any instruments? Amplifiers? Supply chairs or music stands? Are these costs included in your quoted fee?
These costs are typically absorbed by the band and should be included in the quoted fee. All Music by Lise groups have professional grade instruments, microphones, amplifiers and speakers for their performances.  Our competitive pricing includes all of the above!

6. Does the band use recorded music? 
Recorded material is sometimes mixed with live music to achieve a “bigger band” sound. Combining taped and live sound saves money and is not uncommon. This is a matter of preference and budget. Music by Lise does not usually use backing tracks to supplement the sound.  We achieve our great sound naturally through our players!  One of the only reasons we may incorporate pre-recorded sound is if our client requests a very unusual piece.

7. How large a room does your sound system accommodate?
A standard band generally has a sound system that can fill a room the size of a large banquet hall. Music by Lise prides themselves on knowing the appropriate volume level for the guests and for the room.   We will never blast anyone’s ears off nor will we be so soft you cannot hear us.  Music by Lise owns several different sets of Public Address systems to offer this very service.  

8. Can the bandleader or deejay act as master of ceremonies?
If the bandleader isn't charismatic, he or she may hire an emcee for this role and include it as an overall expense that can be negotiated before signing the contract. Music by Lise works out all of these details during our mini concert with the lucky couple.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a very personal touch.

9. Who will set up and at what time?
Bands and deejays generally set up their equipment  one and an half to two hours ahead of time.

10.Will you agree to a dress code?
If you insist that the band or the deejay follows a dress code, deal with this during the initial meeting. If they balk, don’t hire them. Absolutely.  Anyone in the entertainment industry must wear many hats and be prepared for any event.  “We look how we look” certainly doesn’t cut it.  
No worries along that front when you work with Music by Lise!  We are ready to wear any type of dress!

11. How many breaks do you require?
A typical arrangement consists of three 45-minute sets with 15-minute breaks between sets. This is the standard protocol, however, Music by Lise does offer continuous playing for a small additional fee.

12. Are you insured?
If yes, ask that the musicians show you a certificate of liability insurance. Music by Lise is fully insured.

13. Will you play overtime? What is the fee?
Most bands and deejays will agree to play overtime for a fee, which should be outlined in the contract. This fee varies from region to region but could be as high as $100 per band member per hour.

14. Do you personally check out the electronics and the acoustics at the venue?
A good band or deejay will scout the space before the reception to make sure all the proper equipment for achieving good sound is in place. For sure! Music by Lise takes care of all of these details with the Property weeks in advance to secure the best location for the event so you don’t have to.  We will be the least of your worries!

15.What size are the speakers and can they be camouflaged?
Most musicians bristle at covering up fairly large speakers (about the size of a watermelon) because it interferes with the sound. But they may agree to drape thin fabric over them. If you are concerned about the size of the speakers and their placement, ask to see them, then work with the musicians to come up with a solution that suits you both.  I must say this RARELY comes up as an issue at any weddings or events.

16. Are you equipped to play CDs guests bring along?
Most deejays are equipped to play guests’ recordings. If this is important to you, find out from the deejay right away. A band, on the other hand, is generally not set up to play CDs, but some bring an MP3 player loaded with music to play during breaks. Music by Lise will bring any form of music player so long as the client requests it at least one month in advance of the event.  Hey, we can even play cassettes!  

17. What is your cancellation policy?
This will vary from band to band and deejay to deejay, but generally one month is the least amount of notification to which they will agree. The terms of cancellation and a payment schedule should be spelled out in the contract. Most require a nonrefundable deposit plus up to half the total fee.