After 25 years, the legendary chef Charlie Trotter will be closing his restaurant in Chicago on Friday, August 31, 2012. 

His departure from the industry is a sad day to all of us, who will always remember him for putting Chicago on the map, and for leading the way for all, to experience the real meaning of fine dining. I will always remember his establishment for its wide-ranging menus, and for the impeccable service restaurant goers always received.

Trotter, who accidentally enter the business with his father who was his business partner too, learned many good lessons from his dad, which made him rise to food fame.

The renowned chef, author, and philanthropist is ready to explore new goals "it's time for something new. Running a restaurant for a quarter of a century is a long time to do one thing." Trotter is going back to school to get a graduate degree in philosophy and political theory.

Here are few last sound bites from one of the greatest chefs of all times:
    • “I guess you could say I’m an accidental restaurateur in that the family I grew up in, there was no interest in food or going to
    restaurants, or certainly fine dining restaurants.”
    • “My father was a very successful entrepreneur and everything my father did turned to gold…so when we opened the
    restaurant together, he kept track of the numbers, advised me how that all worked, and client response.
    “The greatest compliment we can ever get is when someone walks out saying, ‘Well, I was expecting a lot, but this            
    succeeded my expectations,” and that’s the whole objective.

I personally wish Charlie Trotter good luck in his new path. I also would like to thank Trotter for giving me the opportunity to taste and experience his genius, creative and wonderful delights.

David Cohen
Publisher and Owner of PINK Magazine.