I just was serving the web and I came across these 12 seductive artistic photos of hot Eastern European Romanian Orthodox priests in homoerotic photos to support gay rights, I guess you do whatever it takes to help a cause, right?

According to its official website, the calendar’s description reads as follows: ”It is a time when the Orthodox Church is embroiled in corruption scandals, artist repression, gay sex cover-ups, outrageous behavior and homophobia. Yet some of their members have agreed to strike a pose and openly stand for who they are underneath the priest’s clothing they wear: regular people with passions, preferences, interests and desires.”

This first 2013 edition is mingling the edgy with homoerotic HOT, and tells the individual story of 12 intensely masculine young men and their guests representing different parts of eastern Europe. Officials go on to note "All (these men) are open-minded and believe that besides their passionate devotion to the Orthodox Church, it is important to be perceived as individuals committed to diversity and acceptance." And this is what brings them closer to the rest of us. Anyone can discovered these 12 seductive artistic pictures of Orthodox priests and their guests by simply ordering on-line. The price per piece is only EUR 10! Images are available directly on http://www.orthodox-calendar.com/shop/

The Romanian Patriarchy is saying the models are merely “posing as Orthodox priests” and that the product is “indecent” and that the calendar was created with an “obvious intention to defame Orthodox ministers, and that the producers only desire to promote and justify their own ideology.”


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