From Evan Wolfson
Founder and President, Freedom to Marry

Just moments ago, the Democratic Party voted to support the freedom to marry as an official plank in the party’s platform, its vision for America. The Democrats are now on record as the first major political party in U.S. history in favor of true and full equality for same-sex couples.

Earlier this year, you joined more than 42,000 marriage supporters in signing Freedom to Marry’s petition calling on the Democrats to add the freedom to marry to the party platform - and the Party listened. Now is the time for us to say “thank you.”

In the next 48 hours, let's show our appreciation to the Democrats for taking this courageous stand by getting 50,000 people to sign Freedom to Marry’s "thank you" card to the party's leaders, including President Obama and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Sign our letter now thanking the Democratic Party for including the freedom to marry in the party platform.

In May, President Obama declared his support for the freedom to marry, becoming the first sitting president to do so. He gave a heartfelt explanation to the American people as to how he, like a majority of Americans, had changed his mind and opened his heart to support the freedom to marry - and he spoke of the conversations and values that we know make a difference. Like the marriage plank in the Democratic platform, the fact that the President is on the right side of history will help more Americans rise to fairness, even as Freedom to Marry presses for more wins in November battleground states such as Maine, Minnesota, Washington, and Maryland.

Join us in the next 48 hours in thanking the Democratic Party for speaking up for the freedom to marry and gay families in the party’s platform: to sign the letter go to