by David Cohen

As you turn the key you will discover the control the 2013 Subaru Limited has. The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and the technology of the Subaru Boxer engine are the elements that Subaru keeps on refining. This unique combo allowing the system to be lower to the ground, and provides the Subaru Limited with power, balance and safety.  All that can captivate the road and the imagination of any driver as he drives away controlling every turn he makes.

The traction and stability on any road and any terrain is what set the Subaru Limited miles ahead of any other car makers. The active safety systems will always be ready to help getting the driver out of any danger that comes his way, and that will prevent accidents before they happen.

Mounting the front suspension to the cradle frame in the Legacy improves the steering response and delivering an enjoyable and comfortable journey, backed by safety and reliability. The system constantly keeps the engine in a speed range resulting in outstanding fuel efficiency and with a linear acceleration. The system can be operated in manual mode with the 6-speed paddle shift offering super fast shift response. This takes the general concept of the continuously variable transmission to new heights, allowing the driver to enjoy sporty gear changes whenever they wan

Subaru has created a highly rigid and lightweight body by comprehensively using aluminim materials and high tensile steel plates throughout the vehicle. The outstanding aerodynamics design values contributing to a stable high-speed driving and better fuel efficiency. 

The “SI-DRIVE” advanced driving control system allows the driver to switch between 3 different modes ranging from gentle power delivery to a sporty mode with super sharp response.

The elevated ambiance of the interior, and he high standards of the features, all positioning the Subaru Limited as comfortable and convenient vehicle that any driver will want to find on his wish list. 

The Subaru Limited can be yours at the price of $33,677.  


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