by David Cohen

The Mitsubishi Lancer SE appears to be one of the best compact sedans that Mitsubishi has on the market.  Powered by a 148-horse-power engine with a 2.4 litter turbo-charged, and all-wheel drive control (AWD), this sedan is ready to perform.

The Lancer has a fuel efficient MIVEC engine, seven standard airbags, fuse hands-free link system, and tuned suspensions that will be responding to the way you drive.

All the Lancer models come with a standard five-speed manual transmission, and Mitsubishi’s first continuously variable transmission (CVT) is optional, except on the Ralliart, which comes with a quick-witted automated-clutch manual transmission.

In terms of safety, Mitsubishi’s Lancer received the highest rating for front and rear-impact safety The Lancer also offers increased rigidity, crumple zones for collision safety, a seven-airbag  safety system and anti-lock brakes with Electronic Brake-force Distribution to help ensure that drivers stay in control.

The Lancer offers some high-tech features that enhance its style. The keyless ignition, automatic climate control, a touchscreen navigation system, hard-drive music storage, and bluetooth connectivity are among the features that make this sedan so luxurious.

With all that said, there are two important issues with this vehicle. First, the materials used for the interior lacks quality, and second, the driver-side front seat isn’t roomy enough to accommodate tall people.

Overall, I don’t feel this car is anything great or anything to rave about  except for the powerful Ralliart that makes driving a solid and fun experience.

Starting at $23,285.00, the 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer is only good for shoppers who don’t mind paying top dollar for adequate performance.  Stick with the competition to get a lot more for your money.