by David Cohen

Purposely design for balance, aerodynamics, expression, superior grip and steering response, you should get behind the wheel of the Infinity FX 37 AWD to experience the unprecedented thrill of instant acceleration and efficiency.

The All-Wheel Drive provides the power to the driver when he needs it, and instantly can adapt to any changes in  conditions, while enhancing the traction, control, and performance. The Infinity FX37 AWD luxury car comes with  390-hp, 5.0-liter V8, dual intake, 7-speed automatic transmission that will make your driving journey an inspiration.

With leather seating and Maple interior accents, the cockpit  can be  tailored the fit for comfort and driving support you like and need. The Advanced Climate Control System (ACCS) keeps the air in your cabin clean and shuts the air vents when exhaust fumes are detected, while the Grape Polyphenol Filter removes the neutralize line airborne germs.

The Around View® Monitor with advanced technology, giving you a virtual 360° look of what’s around, alerting the driver to moving objects, and can help navigate the car into the tightest spaces.

Distance Control Technologies help you move with the flow. The Intelligent Cruise Control can add speed, maintain distance, and re­–accelerates the car to your pre-set speed and distance as traffic flow picks up. 

The Navigation System features a Voice Recognition and NavTraffic which delivers detailed traffic information provided by SiriusXM and more.

Bose® Premium Audio System with 11 speakers and two subwoofers, compatible Bluetooth®, XM® Satellite Radio, aconnection to  iPod® via the USB port, and a Dual DVD Entertainment System for front and rear passangers. 

For safty, The Forward Collision Warning (FCW) helps alert the driver of a potential collision by providing a visual and audible warning.  The Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA) automatically engages the brakes to help reduce collision speed and impact, helping to  avoid an accident.

The Traction Control System senses wheel spin and automatically reduces engine output and/or brakes the spinning wheel to help give you surer foothold. The Traction Control System, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)  adjusting the power levels and applying appropriate brake pressure to individual wheels to help correct oversteer or understeer, helping keep the vehicle on the steered path

The Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) helps keep your vehicle from unintentionally drifting from your lane.  the system first sounds an audible warning. Then it will lightly apply selected brakes to help ease your vehicle back into its lane.

To ensure your total satisfaction, the Infiniti Personal Assistant program will always be there to answer any question or concern you might have!   All you have to do is to purchase the Infinity FX37 AWD for $44,950.
by David Cohen

As you turn the key you will discover the control the 2013 Subaru Limited has. The Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and the technology of the Subaru Boxer engine are the elements that Subaru keeps on refining. This unique combo allowing the system to be lower to the ground, and provides the Subaru Limited with power, balance and safety.  All that can captivate the road and the imagination of any driver as he drives away controlling every turn he makes.

The traction and stability on any road and any terrain is what set the Subaru Limited miles ahead of any other car makers. The active safety systems will always be ready to help getting the driver out of any danger that comes his way, and that will prevent accidents before they happen.

Mounting the front suspension to the cradle frame in the Legacy improves the steering response and delivering an enjoyable and comfortable journey, backed by safety and reliability. The system constantly keeps the engine in a speed range resulting in outstanding fuel efficiency and with a linear acceleration. The system can be operated in manual mode with the 6-speed paddle shift offering super fast shift response. This takes the general concept of the continuously variable transmission to new heights, allowing the driver to enjoy sporty gear changes whenever they wan

Subaru has created a highly rigid and lightweight body by comprehensively using aluminim materials and high tensile steel plates throughout the vehicle. The outstanding aerodynamics design values contributing to a stable high-speed driving and better fuel efficiency. 

The “SI-DRIVE” advanced driving control system allows the driver to switch between 3 different modes ranging from gentle power delivery to a sporty mode with super sharp response.

The elevated ambiance of the interior, and he high standards of the features, all positioning the Subaru Limited as comfortable and convenient vehicle that any driver will want to find on his wish list. 

The Subaru Limited can be yours at the price of $33,677.  
by David Cohen

The Chrysler 200 Limited Convertible: The biggest surprise coming out from the city of Detroit

No one would ever believe you if you tell them that you were driving a convertible in December in Chicago, but  I did. 

The 2013 Chrysler 200 Limited Convertible comes with power top retractable hardtop. This model offers all the fun a convertible should, and the practicality of a conventional coupe.  These are what makes the 200 Limited Convertible a year around vehicle that you can enjoy every season..

The sculpted curves and lines of the Chrysler 200 Convertible frame every element on the exterior. The grille, the dramatic bright exhaust, the bright body side moldings, the door handles, the LED tail-lamps, and the 17-18-inch sophisticated wheel designs, all add to the refined look of the exterior that nobody expected to see coming from Detroit. 

The luxurious interior is enhanced with black and chrome trim. The armrests, door panels, and the dash board, all feature luxurious soft materials everywhere you look or touch.  When the top is up, the diffused lighting can create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. The Uconnect® Media Center Radio allows you to store thousands of songs, select play lists, videos, photos and connect you to seven radio stations including SiriusXM Satellite Radio. The color screen could be activated by touch or voice. The Uconnect® Phone is voice activated system that allows to talk on the phone while driving. It can be paired with up to seven Bluetooth® compatible phones, and allows you to program up to 1000 contacts in your phone book. 

The  200 Limited Convertible comes with a 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine coupled with the AutoStick six-speed automatic transmission as standard equipment. It delivers 283 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, while providing fuel economy ratings of 19 city / 29 highway mpg. In addition, it has a Flex Fuel Supply System that operates effectively on any blend of gasoline and fuel-grade ethanol up to E85.

The 200 Convertible provide highly responsive handling and comfortability. The front and back suspension, comfort-tuned springs, shocks, and premium all-season tires are all tuned to provide an optimum balance, good handling, noise isolation and a great smooth ride.  

For safety, the Electronic Stability Control in the 200 Limited applies brake pressure and reduces engine power when wheels slip, or when it senses a difference in the steering to the actual vehicle motion to regain traction and guide you back safe on your intended path. The convertible is also equipped with standard advanced airbag systems.  The front active head restraints are designed to move forward and upward to decrease the space between the headrest and occupant's head. This helps to prevent or reduce the chance of injury in the event of a rear-end collision. 

The Sentry Key® Theft Deterrent System allows the engine to start with the properly encoded key. If someone attempts to start the vehicle without it, the engine will not operate.

Overall, with refined look, good performance, and raised standards, the Chrysler 200 Limited Convertible for 2013 is the biggest surprise coming out from the city of Detroit. This model is an affordable alternative for those who want the comfort, style of a mid-size convertible coup. It can be yours for $34,760.

by David Cohen

The 2013 Volvo S60 T5 is stylish, quick, with great road handeling and superb performance. This sporty sedan is an excellent alternative and a better value to the BMW and Audi models, because off it’s afordable price. 

Now available with All Wheel Drive (AWD) which improves the traction and handeling, the S60 has a 2.5 liter, 6-speed automatic transmission, and a powerful turbocharged 5-cylinder engine that accelerates like a rocket, from 0-60 in only 6.6 seconds, while maintaining a smooth ride. In addition, the advance Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) allows the system to be partially disabled, giving the S60 more room for slip and wheel spin when 
driving in the S60's Sport mod. 

Adding spoilers, revised front grille, body moldings, stylish rims, moldings, and sporty tailpipes to the extriors transforming the S60 into an edgy, slick and desirable vehicle.

The interiors are well cordinated and offer the maximum comfort for any driver and passanger. The seats with head pillow, the remote engin start, sun curtain and shades at rear windows add to the sophisticated style the S60  posses.
With many built-in and portable technical devices that work in conjunction with each other, the cabin offers the best Bluetooth® with Hands-free technology, Navigation System with map upgrades, GPS Portable Navigation,  SiriusXM Satellite Radio, HD Radio® and Volvo Sensus which conveniently control theses functions via the ergonomic steering wheel controls, allow the driver to focus on the traffic, and keep the hands on the steering wheel.

The S60 has the most inovative thecnologically advance safty features that Volvo ever developed or produced. The City Safety system is standard on all S60 models, and uses a camera and laser scanner to watch traffic and pedestrians, and other obstructions ahead of the car. If the vehicle is about to collide with any of these obstructions, it will warn the driver before applying the brakes automatically. You can understand why the Volvo S60 guarantees the best protection to it’s driver. Volvo claims that this system is responsible for about 25% less at-fault accidents than the competition. Another feature is the new full range cruise control, that can take the S60 to a complete stop in heavy traffic, and keep the car stopped until traffic moves again. 

Overall the 2013 Volvo S60 is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a sporty sedan that delivers sophystication, style, speed, performance and safty at a great base price of $31,900.

by David Cohen

There's nothing more difficult to drive than a big car that drives seven passengers, but when it comes to the 2013 Flex Limited AWD driving is easy. Because of it’s size, and it’s unique look, the Flex stands out in a big “way” anywhere, simply because there is nothing else like it. 

With linear, simple, and  clean lines the Flex is bold, boxy, contemporary, distinctive in style, and innovative in design. 

With a spacious room the cabin offers all 7 passengers plenty of leg room, making any long trip a comfortable and easy ride.  The ambient lighting feature allow you to create an atmosphere and offers 7 different moods : Ice Blue, Orange, Soft Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Purple. You can add colorful accents in the front and rear footwalls, front center console bin, and front two cupholders. 

The Flex Limited comes with The Sony® Audio System that can kick out 390 watts of power through 12 premium speakers in ten locations. It has a Voice-activated Navigation System with integrated SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link.  It combines a Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with 3-D mapping that provides voice-guided to any turn you’ll make.  The SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link  provide a complete traffic information, weather forecast, gas station and theater locations with movie listings, times and cost.  After the trial expires, you will have to buy a package subscription for this service.

The Flex Limited comes with a 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 that combines direct injection and dual turbocharger technology, and deliver the performance of a V8 and the fuel economy of a V6.  With 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque, the EcoBoost V6 engine creates better traction and better way to handle the All-Wheel Drive.

Your choice of drive mode, engine and suspension depends on the way you use the vehicle. To make it easier on drivers, the technology used in Ford engines will do some of the thinking for you by narrowing the gap between power and fuel efficiency. The same was done with safety, Ford built into the engine an advance supplementary devices making safety a priority.  

The sleek 2013 Flex Limited AWD is not a car for everyone, but it is fun to drive and will generate many looks and comments, and somehow can put you in the center of attention for only $42,570.