Introducing New York's next powerful entrepreneur––Gabriel Balestra.  At the age 26, Balestra is not only a young gay man, but also the very successful CEO of Sabatino&Co. This 100-year-old family business is dedicated to bringing gourmet Mediterranean products to consumers who enjoy the finer things in life.

Born in Umbria, Italy, Gabriel received his education on Mediterranean culture and products from his family, especially his mother and grandmother.  As a child, Gabriel was fascinated by the unique Mediterranean culture, and by the products his family and other people produced from the land.

After graduating in Rome, Italy, Gabriel moved to London, followed by a move to New York, where he studied visual arts at FIT. In New York, Gabriel decided to take his interests in visual arts and create a new avenue of expression, while still contributing to the creative mind of his family’s business––Sabatino&Co.

During this time, Gabriel collaborated with bright personalities in the fashion and film industry. He worked with popular magazines such as Vogue, Italian Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as high-quality brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen. Gabriel also worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Scarlett Ohanson, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Winslet, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, and Sofia Coppola. Gabriel’s career in the visual arts field gave him knowledge and experience with a variety of people, and he learned to utilize his abilities and redirect them back to the job he had been prepped for since he was a young child—his family’s business.  In late 2008, Gabriel worked with Italy’s largest cosmetology research center to develop skincare formulas and extracts that his grandmother developed in the late 1950’s. Giuseppina, the founder of the company, had been selling these extracts in the family’s Emporiums since the 1950’s. It is believed that many movie stars filming in Italy during the “Dolce Vita Years” had the opportunity to try them and fell in love with the results.  Almost 60 years later, scientist confirmed that Gabriel’s grandmother and her high-end clientele were right--the extracts used in her formulas contained today’s most potent 
anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties.

Despite the economic crisis, Sabatino&Co still continued to thrive under Gabriel’s leadership. He single-handedly expanded the business by developing Skin&Co Roma, a luxurious skincare line using the same ingredients his family has been selling for years with their well-known truffles and oils. As if this wasn't enough, in  March 2011 Gabriel launched Sabatino&Co's first retail location on the venerable Newbury Street in Boston, MA, along with plans to open a flagship store in NYC in December 2012. In conjunction with the store openings, Gabriel also collaborated with Paramount based producer Linda Pianigiani (The Transformers, Salt and Kill the Habit) in a short-film (teaser) to celebrate the one hundred year anniversary of the company which was released in March, 2011. 
SKIN&CO officially debuted its entire line in the USA in September 2011. Since then, the request for these acclaimed skincare products have grown beyond proportions. In early 2012, SKIN&CO signed with a major TV network as well as a popular television celebrity to endorse the company by becoming the spokesperson in the upcoming year for both print, and television ads.  

Despite his growing success as a young, gay entrepreneur, Gabriel, still lives a simple life in New York City along with his most trusted colleague—his dog Codie. He  eats, dreams, and always thinks Mediterranean, every day, every moment, and every chance he gets!
SKIN&CO is today a division of the Sabatino Group, Inc. which was included in the 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America. Despite the current economic crisis, the company has recorded a 60.5% growth in the last quarter of 2011. SKIN&CO products are distributed today nationwide as well as in Japan, Korea, China, Poland, Germany, Russia, Australia and Latin America. 
Sabatino & SKIN&CO operate offices and distribution centers in New York, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Toronto, distributing to major resorts, restaurants, gourmet stores, boutiques and natural stores across the US, Canada, South America and Asia.  The brand has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Town & Country, Bloomberg News, The New York Magazine and has been four times Oprah’s Favorite. Sabatino Group is still owned and operated by the Balestra Family since 1911.  For more information and to purchase products, visit