by David Cohen

Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate

By Clarins Paris • Spring 2013 
Double Serum’s effect is made possible through the synthesis of its Hydric and Lipidic Systems which mimic the skin’s naturally occuring oil and water to maximize absorption, without the use of emulsifiers.  To maintain stability and potency of water-and oil-soluble ingredients, each chamber has a seperate pump dispenser, to ensure the two formulas mix at only the right moment of application to provide an ideal balance ratio. 
This is the only treatment that reactivates the skin’s five vital functions. 
Hydration: Skin tissue which made up of 60-70% water, is essential to cell vitality. Double Serum boosts hydration and delays the appearance of wrinkles and maintains skin’s softness and comfort. 
Nutrition: Cells need nutrients, notably carbohydrates, lipids and protein in order to function optimally. Double Serum promotes cell nutrition by increasing the speed at which nutrients penetrate the skin cells, increasing the rate at which the skin’s suppleness is restored.
Oxygenation: Like nutrients, oxygen is essential to the production of energy by the cells. Double Serum enhances cell oxygenation invigorating its radiance. 
Protection: Age, enviromental damage and even normal cell function generate an overproduction of free radicals, which undermine basic cell structure. Double Serum protects against premature skin aging by stimulating two genes involved in skin protection and helps skin protect itself against oxidative stress. 
Regeneration: After age 25, and particularly acute when coupled with enviromental stresses, the renewal of key componments of the dermis  slows down dramatically. Double Serum boosts production of collagen and glycosaminollycans which are responsible for keeping skin firm, smooth and dense.