by David Cohen

B-Skinz Introduces Meggings for Spring 2013
Leggings for men are already a hit among celebs across the globe

Men wearing leggings?  Think again. Remember Robin Hood and his merry men? Yes, there wore leggings,, and they made a fashion statement long time ago. This spring, B-Skinz is introducing an exciting and colorful line of form-fitting meggings, perfect for the fashion-forward guy— aka leggings for males.  And guess who is wearing them? Yes, Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and Lenny Kravitz are male celebrities who have embraced this hot fashion trend. 

And it's more than just fashion, Men's anatomy demands more support and ventilation, and wearing the proper outfit is essential , especially  for sports activities. You are in need of durable and comfortable attire, and meggings are the perfect answer to all your "needs." They just hug your skin so it keeps everything in its right place. They also  keep away moisture from getting damp and they are free from any discomfort caused by sweating.

The new B-Skinz meggings are made with the company’s signature spandex blend that is form-fitting while still comfortable and breathable. The line will be available in several colors, including black, navy, red and gray, as well as bold feline, leopard, zebra and psychedelic jungle patterns. With sizes ranging from small to extra-large and priced at only $29.99 per pair, the new meggings from B-Skinz will appeal to every man who’s expressive and outgoing.

“Our meggings are fashionable, bold and hip — and they are perfect for any man who wants to make a statement with his style,” said B-Skinz co-founder Carolyn Sammarro. “They can be dressed up for a night on the town or walking through Central Park in NYC, and are comfortable enough to wear to the gym.”

So what does the fashion world think of the meggings trend? According to several fashion experts, it’s a trend that’s expected to continue to grow as men become more daring with what they wear. And, this spring, men can turn to B-Skinz to flaunt their own personal style.

B-Skinz' Carolyn Sammarro and Stacy Sorrentino were two stay-at-home moms from northern New Jersey who together grew their fast-expanding line of comfortable, flattering, and crazy-colorful Nylon Spandex fashion wear and spandex sports apparel styles for men, girls, boys and women. Sold online at and at select sporting goods stores throughout the east coast.

To view the B-Skinz Meggings, click here:



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