Like many of today’s specialty underwear, TUKZ features a 3-D pouch for comfort. But the primary defining innovation is how the underwear improves business attire, says Darnell Jones founder and president of TUKZ Undergarments, LLC.

Jones developed TUKZ in response to his own frustration “the idea came to me organically – by necessity,” he says. “As a corporate manager, it’s important to me to maintain a professional appearance. I was having to tuck my shirt back in dozens of times a day, every time I stood up, at the office. Once the clips are attached to your shirt, you no longer have to worry about that.”

The underwear comes equipped with four understated elastic straps and clips, which secure the bottom of the shirt. Constructed of polyester and Spandex for a firm, smooth and stylish fit, TUKZ serves as the foundation for every uniform, business suit and casual style that demands a polished presentation. TUKZ are available in sizes from small to triple-extra large for $30 a pair at


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