Designing under the names Ma-Ji, Masatomo, and now Rynshu, Japanese designer Masatomo Yamaji has consistently pushed the boundaries of men’s high fashion. Yamaji is known for his expertise in handling and transforming exquisite textures and fabrics into lavish, trend-setting pieces. To ensure the quality of every piece produced under his brand, he works without an assistant and personally handles the scenario writing, costume design, and creative direction of his designs. With each emerging collection, Yamaji has proven that he is indeed the paragon of avant garde menswear.
After meeting musician in Tokyo during a music video taping, Yamaji and have made plans to launch a collaborative menswear line called x Rynshu. The new line debuted in Spring 2012  in Japan, and featured exclusive jacket and blazer designs. To capture the US audience, tastemakers and fashionistas, Rynshu planning to introduce his  collection x Rynshu this Fall.