New York, NY:  On the heels of New York’s fashion week, Celebrity Photographer Mike Ruiz has partnered with the high-end clothing retailer Any Old Iron, to turn his uniquely stylized photo work into a collection of sexy tees he is calling "Wearable Art".  Retailing for $80 each, the first four pieces in the line are the David, the Sean, the Nick and the Todd.  All depict the hyper masculine and stylized fitness models celebrated in Ruiz’s hugely successful coffee table book, Pretty Masculine

“This collection continues my exploration and deconstruction of the male ideal,” explained Mike Ruiz at the unveiling of the Wearable Art collection this week in New York.  “The four men featured have put so much time and passion into sculpting their physiques to become, in essence, walking works of art. They are living testaments to setting a goal and achieving it at all costs; a discipline I find inspiring.”

Mike Ruiz has set a lofty goal of his own: that all people, especially those who live outside the world’s cultural epicenters, should be able to consume art in all ways possible.  He is constantly looking for innovative ways to canvas his art.  When he learned it had become possible to print photographic quality images onto fabric – through a process that allows full four-color printing on silk panels that is then stitched to the t-shirt – he jumped at the opportunity.

“I have spent my life creating a colorful and aesthetically pleasing reality for myself,” he says. “I love that with these tees, everyone can now share in that reality.”

Especially because the tees wear fashionably well both day and night.  "They can easily be dressed up with a tuxedo jacket, or sported casually with a pair of jeans," suggests Ruiz.  The high quality organic cotton and bamboo blend used for the shirts guarantee their longevity.

To give the artistic line a collectible quality, Mike Ruiz will unveil new pieces, depicting both men and women, every few months.

Wearable Art by Mike Ruiz is available for a limited time only at, and at