“cooking is an expression of  your personality and artistic ability”

by David Cohen

Beautiful design, superior performance, and graceful sophistication are the hallmarks of the Savora line home products.
The provocative and exuberant approach  is evident in each product Savora creates. The name connotes the romance of the food culture and the emotional connection to cooking and preparations.
The Savora Line represents quality in functionality and progressive design specifically created for consumers who enjoy cooking. 

The Savora products include six items:  can opener,rotary grater, garlic press, ice cream scooper, a peeler and oil mister. Each item elevates your food preparation experience to a new level. This bold collection expresses a high functionality of artistic design.

The Savora designers tailored each tool to perfectly fit the human hand.  The results are are works of art which combine superlative function with clean lines and graceful design making you feel that each product was designed just for you.

The Savora products design and the performance promise the best and most unique culinary experiences of food preparation and cooking complementing your love to food. The design and the performance promise the best and most unique culinary experiences of food preparation and cooking. Available in vibrant colors with a contemporary look, these products will make you wonder if you want to leave them out in the kitchen.

Prices range from $9.99 to $ 29.99 and all the products are available for purchase online at http://www.savorastyle.com.

by David Cohen

The ShaveTech USB-powered shaver can be connected to any laptop or computer. This razor is certainly small, lightweight, sleek and very powerfully razor that does a good job  when it comes to shaving your face. The ShaveTech razor does not have a trimmer, so if you have a beard or mustache this razor is not for you.

You get about 30 minutes of shaves out of the built in battery, and it is good for six times of 5-10 minutes shaving. As is suggested by the manufacture, if you want to keep the battery in good condition and you want it to last you longer, then you should recharge the razor only when the battery is totally out. Recharges will take about four hours. To make sure the razor is always full it will be good idea to recharge your battery at night after you let the battery run out. This way you will never have a problem of not completing a shave.

Overall, the ShaveTech does a good job, and it is a great choice for any male traveler for business or for pleasure.  No wonder why the ShaveTech is the most popular razor of it’s kind on the market. 
The ShaveTech travel razor is available online and in select stores, and it comes in black or white colors.Retail cost $39.99.
With summer upon us these wonderful product from SPARQ will help you make your summer a joy. For more information visit http://www.sparqusa.com
SPARQ Soapstone Griddle:  The Soapstone Griddle is a natural, non-stick, energy-saving way to a better tasting life. Unlike a gas or electric griddle, the stone griddle absorbs energy and distributes it evenly in the form heat for faster cooking food.  It provides a flame barrier to that allows the flavors of whatever is cooking to bloom into a culinary masterpiece without being disturbed.  The griddle comes with a smooth side that is best for cooking pizza or pancakes and a grooved side for grilling of steaks and chicken. Retail price: $119.95

Charles Viancin Reusable Lids: Keep the bugs out of the food! These reusable silicone lids replace aluminum foil and plastic wrap – and they look fun and summery.  They can be used on a rimmed bowl or pot, including glass, ceramic, wood and more. They are:
• Safe at high temperatures to help prevent stove-top splatters and retain steam during cooking.
• Prevents spills by creating an airtight, water-tight seal around any rounded surface.
• Microwave safe silicone material allows for quick cooking, steaming, and reheating.
• Creates an air-tight seal to keep food fresh for longer and seal in heat during cooking.
The lids are available in designs perfect for spring and summer – sunflower, lily pad and hibiscus.  The cover salads, fruit, chips, etc. They come in a variety of sizes, including one for your drink!, and range from $7.99-$15.99 in price.

SPARQ Wine Pearls: These insanely chic and sleek designed stainless steel wine pearls keep wine and cocktails chilled until the last drop. Simply freeze and pop them into a glass of wine or favorite cocktail.  These sophisticated wine pearls keep glasses of wine and red wine, as well as specialty drinks like martinis and cosmopolitans, chilled to the optimal drinking temperature to bring out the very best in your drink.  Give your drink an elegant look with a cooling result.  Retail price: $29.95
It’s all too easy to load up on carb-rich side dishes or pour a giant glass of wine without even thinking about whether the portion size is appropriate. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of what’s healthy. That’s what Wine-Trax offers. Created by designer and entrepreneur Gail Curtis who wanted an effortless way to track portions without interrupting the enjoyment of a great meal., Wine-Trax is a line of everyday glassware and dinnerware with frosted lines for measuring drinks and food.

Wine-Trax is a common sense solution to simple, elegant portion control. Skip the step of measuring and weighing with the everyday reminder of measure marks right on your dishes. Nicely weighted clear glass has subtle frosted lines to indicate portions.

Wine-Trax: the measuring wine glass.  Displays 4 oz, 6 oz & 8 oz measurements

Snack-Trax: the measuring bowl with a re-sealable plastic lid for snacks or leftovers.  Displays 1/3 cup, 2/3 cup & 1 cup measurements

Meal-Trax: the measuring plate with frosted lines indicates healthy portions for suggested food groups. Displays 1/4 plate for lean protein, 1/4 plate for whole grain and starch, 1/2 plate for fruits and vegetables

It is a dishwasher and microwave safe except for the plastic lid on the bowl . Price: $29.95 for complete set of 3, or $22.95 for any 2 pieces.


Is the new G2 machinery technology is a water conservation source?

Valencia, Spain: With more than one hundred and fifty G2 machines manufactured by the Spanish company Jeanologia, who specializes in garment finishing, we are saving the equivalent consumption of water of what 75,000 people using per day. Before the year 2015 will arrive, the new technology will save water equal to what 10,000,000 people use every day. These machines are saving 15,000,000 liters of water daily. These numbers were calculated based on an average consumption of 200 liters per person daily said Enrique Silla who own Jeanologia.

Bern Kolb, CEO of the prestigious Think Thank Club de Marrakesh has stated that in year 2030 the demand of water for human consumption will be 40% more than that of today. This constitutes an enormous challenge for industry, especially the textile industry.

Conscious of the environment, Jeanologia has developed and launching another new technology called E-Soft. This technology transforms the air in the atmosphere into nano-bubbles which allows 98% water saving, along with a reduction of 79% in energy and 80% chemical products. E-Soft cause the garment to soften without using any water or chemical. This new process, ends up saving energy too.

Mr. Silla stated “our company has been able to pass on our ethical and ecological value to important labels that are now using our technology on their garments.” Many Companies including Levi´s are using this new technology on their “waterless” jeans, the chain store Jack & Jones have used it for their “Low Impact Denim”, and Pepe Jeans of London used it to launch their free water line “True Blue.” The Italian label Replay uses Jeanologia's ozon and laser technology and the multinational Hindu Klran have launched their “Saving Water” collection using the G2 machinery. Famous French designers Marithe and François Girbaud initiated their own personal crusade against the use of water for their collections in 2000,
Jeanologia counts not only on its e-Soft technology, in 2009 it launched its highly successful ecofriendly washing machine G2, which uses oxygen + ozone to “fade” jeans and sport garments, which processes textiles without water or chemicals.

To learn more about ths technology visit www.jeanologia.com.
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