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HIV Treatment with New Interactive Digital Tools

by David Cohen

In observance of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness DayMerck  announced on Thursday, February 7, 2013, that Duane Cramer, an acclaimed photographer and HIV advocate, will be joining the national HIV education campaign named I Design. 

Duane has partnered with Project Runway star Mondo Guerra, who served as the voice of the campaign in 2012. The new campaign  geared  to help people living with HIV to find way to work with their doctors and to approach their treatment of HIV "through their own lens" said Duane.  These interactive digital tools will help HIV people to manage their life better and make evryday an easy day to bare. You will be able to find these tools on www.ProjectIDesign.comwhere you can download a conversation checklist. This list will offer you tips on how to engage your Dr. in an open and honest conversation, by designing a digital textile illustration to your approach of managing your HIV.

There are few apps that can help you manage your health: “My Health Matters” and “My Positive Agenda” for mobile and for desktop. These easy-to-use tools help you track the symptoms of your HIV, set up reminders to take your medications on time, and keep a record of when you have taken them, which can serve to prompt you on important discussion points when you are with your doctor. 

“As a person who has lived with HIV for a long time, I’ve learned that self-expression is incredibly important, especially when it comes to working with my doctor on a treatment plan,” said Cramer. “I am thrilled to join Merck and Mondo on the I Design campaign and to be kicking off the second year of this successful initiative on National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  I look forward to helping people living with HIV understand the importance of an open and ongoing dialogue with their health care provider to manage this chronic disease.”

An internationally known photographer, Duane has lived with HIV for nearly two decades.  He is also a passionate activist for HIV awareness and education, particularly for the African-American community, who are disproportionately affected by the disease.  Since being diagnosed as HIV-positive, HIV has become his artistic lens, no matter the subject.  Some of his most rewarding work, through his photography and his personal life, comes from bringing attention to African-Americans living with HIV. 

For additional tips and to follow Merck, Mondo, and Duane’s collaboration on I Design, join them on Twitter: @Merck, @LoveMondoTrasho, and @DuaneCramer.


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