by Chad S. Johnson, Co-Founder, World AIDS Institute

Timothy Ray Brown (The Berlin Patient) Reacts To Breaking News That Two More Men Hopefully Cured Of AIDS

Washington, D.C. – With breaking news out of the 19th International AIDS Conference that two men at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston may have been cured of HIV through bone marrow transplants, Timothy Brown – The Berlin Patient – today reacted by releasing the following statement:
“Words cannot begin to express my joy that two other men may have been cured of HIV.  This reinforces my determination and belief that we must fulfill my Foundation’s central mission of investing in cutting-edge therapies and treatments to advance AIDS cure research. As I have said many times before, I want everyone to be cured of this disease.  We can only hope that this case and today’s development represents the beginning of the end of this plague.“
Timothy Brown was meeting with Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi, his hometown Congresswoman, when the breakthrough was announced. Earlier this week, Timothy Brown, the only person to be cured of HIV, announced the establishment of The Timothy Ray Brown Foundation with the World AIDS Institute. As the only Foundation created with the sole mission of finding a cure that leads to the end of AIDS, its central tenant is to secure funding and support cutting-edge therapies.


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