On January 22nd, lesbian music duo God Des and She released a powerful new video for “God, I Know You Love Me”. It premiered on AfterEllen.com and LOGO TV earlier today and has already garnered attention from major LGBT organizations including The Trevor Project. 

The contentious yet moving video recounts a young girl’s internal struggle with religion pitted against her budding sexuality. The story follows the lead through a series of “Pray Away The Gay” conversion therapy practices who employ a host of mentally and emotionally scarring methods designed to try and “correct” her sexual orientation. Throughout their career God Des and She have been consistent advocates for equality and the gay community.  

“I have heard too many stories and seen too many gay folks feel shame and truly believe they are going to hell because they are gay.  I am not even religious and have had moments where I questioned if I was going to hell.  But as I have matured, I have come to the conclusion that I would much rather be in hell with all the beautiful gays and dance music then be in heaven with hateful crazy fundamentalist preachers like Fred Phelps." 
- God Des  

"God, I Know You Love Me," comes from their upcoming fourth album, The always outspoken artists have been meticulously crafting the album over the last two years. Many of the beats were produced by God Des herself, along with DJ Pain 1 (50 Cent, Schoolboy Q, Big K.R.I.T.). This follow up to their 2009, critically acclaimed Three features guest appearances by San Jose's Persia and Cuba's Las Krudas. God Des and She's 4th album United States of God Des and She will be released on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

It is available for pre-order on iTunes: HERE


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