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a family in progress.
Writer/Director Ash Christian’s Critically-Acclaimed Independent Film Features an All-Star Cast, Including Thora Birch, Brittany Snow, Tobias Segal, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Academy Award® Nominee Christine Lahti and Michael Urie 
Debuts on DVD September 3rd!
Award-winning Writer/Director Ash Christian (Fat Girl,Mangus!) assembled a stellar ensemble cast for his idiosyncratic family comedy PETUNIA, debuting across all digital platforms beginning August 6th and landing on DVD September 3rd from Wolfe Video. The star-studded cast includes Thora Birch (American Beauty, Ghost World),Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect, HairsprayTobias Segal(Men in Black 3, Rocky Balboa), Eddie Kaye Thomas(American Pie, American Reunion), Academy Award® nominee Christine Lahti (Best Supporting Actress, Swing Shift, 1995) and Michael Urie (TV’s “Partners,” “Ugly Betty”). With super quirky characters and unpredictable twists and turns, PETUNIA will make audiences think about love, life and how family plays a part in who you turn out to be. The film depicts an off-beat family of New Yorkers who must come to terms with their own misgivings about life, relationships and the sheer unpredictability of love itself. 

SYNOPSIS: For some families, having a live-in shrink isn’t nearly enough. The Petunia family has a storied history of avoiding real feelings: Mom, Felicia, (Christine Lahti) is a therapist who needs a shrink of her own; dad, Percy, (David Rasche) hides his problems under an oblivious and disaffected non-personality; and brothers Michael (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Adrian (Jimmy Heck) are hiding infidelity and sex addiction, respectively. 

Throw in mean NYC princess Vivian (Thora Birch) for a sister-in-law, and you have Charlie’s biggest problem: his crazy family. At first glance, Charlie looks positively Bond-like in his tuxedo but in fact, he is the polar opposite of the suave lady killer. Instead of drinking martinis and living it up, Charlie spends his brother’s wedding reception avoiding the dance floor and securing his self-imposed celibacy by snapping the rubber band on his wrist anytime he feels aroused by the formal-wear-clad young men in the room.

Charlie finally finds a guy he’s willing to break his “no sex” vow for when he meets and starts dating George McDougal (Michael Urie). But George is hiding something from Charlie – his wife (Brittany Snow) – and their relationship hits a complicated snag when she returns unexpectedly from a long trip...

With super quirky, yet highly sympathetic characters, great acting, and hilariously unpredictable twists and turns, Petunia will make you think about love, life and how family plays a part in who you turned out to be.

DVD SRP: $24.95 USA & Canada • DVD Part#:WOL 5105D  • DVD UPC:754703763952 • DVD ISBN:978-1-935423-72-0 
GENRE:Drama, Comedy  • RATING: NR • TRT: 112 Min. Color • STUDIO: Wolfe • TERRITORY:USA & Canada

Find more info online at http://www.wolfevideo.com.
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The Intriguingly-Imagined Drama About A Hollywood Icon by Acclaimed Filmmaker Matthew Mishory debuts on DVD June 4th

Set primarily in the early 1950s and focusing on James Dean’s experiences as an up-and-coming actor in Los Angeles, Writer/Director Matthew Mishory’s debut feature film is a series of revealing and sometimes dreamlike vignettes that blend biographical and fictionalized elements to present pivotal moments in a remarkable life.A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 debuts across all digital platforms beginning May 7th and on DVD June 4th from Wolfe Video.Shot in gorgeous 35mm black and white punctuated by bursts of color, A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 was dubbed “mesmerizing and sexy” by theSan Francisco Chronicle and “dreamy” by London’s The Guardian. The film stars James Preston (TV’s “The Gates”) in the title role, with Dan Glenn (TV's "Pushing Daisies"), debutante Dalilah RainEdward Singletary, Jr. (Palo Alto), Robert Gant (TV’s "Queer as Folk") and Erin Daniels (“The L Word,” A Single Man) rounding out the cast in an intimate portrait of James Dean as he is on the cusp of achieving notoriety as both a great actor and an American icon. An unflinching and honest exploration of Dean’s complicated sexuality and formative relationships,JOSHUA TREE, 1951 redefines him for a new generation.

Bonus features include Matthew Mishory’s award winning short film Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman, a stylized and lyrical coming-of-age portrait of Derek Jarman's artistic, sexual, and political awakening in post-War England. The film won the Eastman Kodak Grand Prize at the 2010 United States Super 8 Film + Digital Video Festival. 

A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 was an official selection of the Seattle International Film Festival (World Premiere), the Transilvania International Film Festival (European Premiere), the Rio International Film Festival (South American Premiere), Outfest: The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and Frameline Film Festival, among many others. 

A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 has a runtime of 93 minutes and is not rated. 

Please follow A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree, 1951 on Twitter at @joshuatree1951 and Wolfe Video at @WolfeVideo.

$24.95 USA & Canada DVD Part#:WOL 5093DDVD UPC:754703763921DVD ISBN:
978-1-935423-69-0Street Date:6/4/2013
Bonus Features Include: Matthew Mishory’s Award Winning Short Film:Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman
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Award-Winning Filmmaker Aurora Guerrero’s Coming-of-Age Drama on Family, Friendship and First Love
Debuts on DVD June 4th on WolfeVideo.com

Mosquita & Mari, Writer/Director Aurora Guerrero’s (Pandora’sViernes Girl) semi-biographical look at friendship and first love, debuts on DVD June 4th from Wolfe Video. This exquisitely crafted coming-of-age tale follows a pair of Latina teenagers who fall gradually in love against the backdrop of life in Southeast Los Angeles.  Growing up in immigrant households, both girls are expected to make the well-being of their families their first priority. Yolanda (aka Mosquita) delivers straight A’s in the hope of achieving the American Dream, while Mari shares economic responsibilities with her undocumented family who scramble to make ends meet. As their relationship grows, it tests their loyalties to their families and each other. 

Bonus materials include the featurette “Behind the Scenes of Mosquita & Mari.”

Mosquita & Mari was an official selection at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the John Cassavetes Award and Producers Award at the 2013 Independent Spirit Awards. In addition, it was nominated as Outstanding Film at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards and took home the Audience Award for Outstanding First U.S. Dramatic Feature and the Grand Jury Award for Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film (Fenessa Pineda) at the 2012 Outfest: The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Director Aurora Guerrero also received the Best Director honor from the 2012 Long Beach QFilm Festival and the Global Can Award at the 2012 William & Mary Global Film Festival. 

SYNOPSIS: When straight A student Yolanda — aka Mosquita (Fenessa Pineda) decides to help struggling tough girl Mari (Venecia Troncoso) with her homework, an intense attraction evolves between the two. As their friendship grows, a yearning to explore their strange yet beautiful connection surfaces. Lost in their private world of unspoken affection, lingering gazes, and heart-felt confessions of uncertain futures, Yolanda’s grades begin to slip while Mari’s focus drifts away from her duties at her new job. Mounting pressures at home collide with their new-found desires, thus driving Yolanda and Mari’s relationship to the edge, forcing them to choose between their obligations to others and staying true to each other.

Mosquita & Mari has a runtime of 85 minutes and is not rated.
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A new movie on DVD "Hit & Miss" a is about a pre-operative transgender woman who is a coldly efficient contract killer. Starring Chloë Sevigny (Academy Award® nominee and Golden Globe® winner) 
<![CDATA[LOVE FREE OR DIE: How A Gay X-Bishop  is Changing the World?]]>Fri, 15 Feb 2013 04:57:35 GMThttp://pinkmag.com/21/post/2013/02/love-free-or-die-how-a-gay-x-bishop-is-changing-the-world.html
Award-Winning Filmmaker Macky Alston’s Acclaimed Documentary on How the Former Bishop of New Hampshire is Changing the World, Debuts on Digital March 12th and DVD April 9th

Director Macky Alston’s (Family NameHard Road Home) critically-acclaimeddocumentary LOVE FREE OR DIE debuts across all digital platforms beginning March 12th and lands on DVD April 9th from Wolfe Video. The uncompromising film challenges the long held belief, supported by most of the world’s religions, that homosexuality is in direct conflict with faith. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay person to be elected bishop in Christendom, takes on the church’s stance and claims a place for all people.

In addition to its U.S. Documentary Special Jury Prize for An Agent of Change at 2012 Sundance Film Festival, LOVE FREE OR DIE also won the Human Rights Award at the 2012 River Run International Film Festival, the Best Documentary Award at the 2012 Philadelphia QFest, the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2012 Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, a 2012 Wilbur Award for Best Feature Documentary, and the Audience Awards at the 2012 Palm Beach International Film Festival and 2012 NewFest LGBT Film Festival.

Following theatrical runs in New York and Los Angeles, LOVE FREE OR DIE aired as part of PBS’ “Independent Lens” series on November 12, 2012.  It has a runtime of 83 minutes and is not rated. DVD bonus features will include deleted scenes.

SYNOPSIS: LOVE FREE OR DIE is a film about religion, homosexuality and human rights; how tradition and scripture are used by many to reject a faithful minority and amid the growing calls in the US and beyond to adopt inclusion. The film follows Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay person to be elected bishop in the high church traditions of Christendom. Bishop Robinson's elevation in the sleepy New Hampshire diocese in 2003 ignited a worldwide debate in the Anglican Communion, one that has become so heated that there is still a chance of a schism in the 80 million-member denomination.

Taking on the church’s stance against homosexuality, Bishop Robinson has become a lightning rod, standing at the crossroads of religion and sexuality. One year after being muzzled by the Archbishop of Canterbury, he finds himself speaking from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at Barack Obama’s 2008 Inauguration. Gene Robinson confronts those who use religion as an instrument of oppression, and claims a place in the church and society, not just for LGBT people, but for all people.  
WINNER of the Special Jury Prize ~ 2012 Sundance Film Festival
Suspenseful . .. inspiring. .. heartbreaking” - The Salt Lake Tribune
A thoughtful reflection on the divisiveness of homosexuality in organized religion, focusing on the quiet crusade of openly gay bishop Gene Robinson.” - The Hollywood Reporter
“this documentary. Tell your congregation, colleagues, and friends about it.” – Spirituality & Practice
<![CDATA[Lesbian Music Duo God Des and She Release ‘Pray Away The Gay School’ Music Video]]>Sun, 03 Feb 2013 03:23:54 GMThttp://pinkmag.com/21/post/2013/02/lesbian-music-duo-god-des-and-she-release-pray-away-the-gay-school-music-video.html
On January 22nd, lesbian music duo God Des and She released a powerful new video for “God, I Know You Love Me”. It premiered on AfterEllen.com and LOGO TV earlier today and has already garnered attention from major LGBT organizations including The Trevor Project. 

The contentious yet moving video recounts a young girl’s internal struggle with religion pitted against her budding sexuality. The story follows the lead through a series of “Pray Away The Gay” conversion therapy practices who employ a host of mentally and emotionally scarring methods designed to try and “correct” her sexual orientation. Throughout their career God Des and She have been consistent advocates for equality and the gay community.  

“I have heard too many stories and seen too many gay folks feel shame and truly believe they are going to hell because they are gay.  I am not even religious and have had moments where I questioned if I was going to hell.  But as I have matured, I have come to the conclusion that I would much rather be in hell with all the beautiful gays and dance music then be in heaven with hateful crazy fundamentalist preachers like Fred Phelps." 
- God Des  

"God, I Know You Love Me," comes from their upcoming fourth album, The always outspoken artists have been meticulously crafting the album over the last two years. Many of the beats were produced by God Des herself, along with DJ Pain 1 (50 Cent, Schoolboy Q, Big K.R.I.T.). This follow up to their 2009, critically acclaimed Three features guest appearances by San Jose's Persia and Cuba's Las Krudas. God Des and She's 4th album United States of God Des and She will be released on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

It is available for pre-order on iTunes: HERE
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In Between Men, the popular gay drama series that helped pioneer the ten - minute format when it began broadcasting over the web last fall, releases to iTunes this week. Created by Quincy Morris, directed by Jennifer Gelfer, and starring Nick Mathews, Ben Pamies, and Chase Coleman, the show follows the lives of friends in New York City living “in between” a gay world whose clichés they don’t relate to and a straight world they don’t belong.

At first glance, In Between Men might look like just another gay drama series. However, where the characters in most gay programs live in an insular gay world (eating and breathing the LGBT community), In Between Men depicts out gay men who don’t fully subscribe to the practices of mainstream gay society.  Dalton, Dane, Jacob and Ben are four attractive, successful men who refuse to be defined by their sexuality.  Through wild adventures, racy storylines, joys and pains, In Between Men examines the relationships they share with one another, their colleagues, lovers, and the city of New York.  According to Morris, the show offers a more accurate reflection of how the majority of gay men live today.

In Between Men is not a show about men trying to be straight or denying their sexuality,” he explains.  In addition to being the series’ creator, Morris is also the head writer and executive producer.  “The characters are proud to love themselves and other men.”

When In Between Men debuted this fall, it was among the first web series to pioneer a ten-minute format. As recently as a few years ago, most series on the web ran 2 – 4 minutes.  “We offer a level of quality on par with cable television,” says Morris. 

So why did they decide to premier the series online? Says Ms. Gelfer, “The web offers something that is unprecedented in the entertainment business: complete creative control.” 

Morris also contends that while network and cable television have begun introducing more gay characters to popular sitcoms, they continue to represent a narrow view of the community, often painting gay men as the feminine sidekick.  “Most shows on TV play off the stereotype of gay men being sissies,” he argues.  “They don’t represent the fullness of a gay Diaspora that is rich with many types of personalities. Gay men are still men.  For many, being gay only means being attracted to other men.”

The men of In Between Men value their manhood and project traditional standards of masculinity. They are average guys that choose to not trade their testosterone for estrogen simply because they sleep with other men.  Morris says the show draws its inspiration from his own life and its characters are based on his personality traits.

Dalton is the lead character of In Between Men.  Like Morris, Dalton is a young man at the top of his game.  He finds little in common with the superficiality of most guys in the city and struggles with a lonely love life, wondering if he should settle for Mr. Almost-Right or hold out for someone better.

The role of Dalton was originally intended for a black actor, but when few black actors showed up to the three Manhattan auditions, Morris gave the role to Nick Mathews.  “Playing Dalton came so effortlessly to him.  Nick captures his vulnerability and strength.”

Jacob, played by Max Rhyser, is the artistic, bisexual character.  “Though I don’t personally believe bisexuality is as common as people claim it is, it was important to me to have a bisexual character,” explains Morris.   

In TV and film, bisexual men are often depicted as villainous liars and cheaters; endangering lives, betraying women and men by engaging in sexual behavior behind their partner’s backs.   Morris says he wanted to show that not all bisexual men live like this. Many live very open, free lives, and are committed loyal partners.  

“At the same time, those who date bisexuals often battle feelings of inadequacy,” Morris continues. “Many fear they might not be enough and that their partner’s attraction to another gender may eventually lead to them leaving.”  That’s why Morris created Kyle, Jake’s boyfriend.

Benjamin Reed, played by Ben Pamies, is the iconic male figure; what gay men want to be and be with.  He is oversexed and promiscuous but also intelligent and successful.   He is a loving friend and family man whose career ambition outshines even his looks.

“We can’t deny Benjamin Reeds exist in our community,” says Morris.  “However, I needed Benjamin to be human, to be someone viewers would care about.  His looks are perfect on the outside but, like all of us, he is on his own road to completion.”

The character of Dane, played by Chase Coleman, is the mirror opposite of Reed.  He is naïve in love and his pension for chasing after bad boys gets him in trouble.  “So often, gay men look outside themselves for affirmation of worth,” says Gelfer.  “Gay men are not taught to love themselves. They’re often told they should be something else, namely ‘straight’.  Dane is a product of that.  He is the American dream – blonde, handsome, and a doctor – but he doesn’t allow himself to realize what a catch he really is.”

One thing most people have in common is that we live in a perpetual state of in-between:  in between jobs, in between relationships, friends, family, lovers…

“That is why I named the show In Between Men,” concludes Morris.  “These are themes everyone, gay and straight, can relate to in life.  No matter whom we are, what we are, or where we are in life, we’re always someone, somehow and somewhere in between.”

In Between Men, Season 1 is available on iTunes now for $4.99 from Qubed Entertainment.  For more information, visit www.inbetweenmen.com.

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The Casserole Club: Acclaimed Writer/Director Steve Balderson’s Award-Winning Film To Debut On DVD And Video On Demand July 3, 2012.
Los Angeles, CA –The Casserole Club, a daring and evocative look at suburban sexuality, will debut on DVD and Video on Demand July 3, 2012 from Breaking Glass Pictures.
‘The Casserole Club is the winner of 5 Independent Vision Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director Steve Balderson, Best Actor Kevin Richardson, (“The Backstreet Boys”), and Best Actress Susan Traylor, (“Greenberg”).
The Casserole Club focuses on a group of  1960's era suburban housewives. Close-knit and neighborly, they are all bent on one-upping each other, trying to prove that each is "the hostess with the mostess." They begin a recipe club, and hold dinner parties, testing out their new casseroles. But when the gatherings become increasingly focused on boozy flirtation, and more than recipes start getting swapped, the story moves swiftly from stylized and campy to a drama about irresponsibility, selfishness, and damaged people.
Directed by Steve Balderson (Stuck!, Watch Out), The Casserole Club also stars Daniela Sea (“The L Word”), Michael Maize (“Saving Lincoln”), and Jane Wiedlin (“The Go Go’s).

The DVD will include the full-length documentary “Camp Casserole,” a look behind the making of The Casserole Club.
tp review the trailer go to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i2WhgtFEkM

<![CDATA[“Nate & Margaret” at the Gene Siskel Center June 8, 2012.]]>Sat, 02 Jun 2012 02:42:10 GMThttp://pinkmag.com/21/post/2012/06/nate-margaret-at-the-gene-siskel-center-june-8-2012.html
Friendship Knows No Boundaries in Breaking Glass Pictures’ “Nate & Margaret”

Philadelphia, PA —Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the DVD Release of Nate & Margaret.

Prior to its DVD release, Nate & Margaret will have its world premiere as the closing night film in the FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival, screen in the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and theatrical runs at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago on June 8th, and at Brooklyn’s reRun Theater to begin on June 22nd.

Nate, a 19-year-old film student, and Margaret, a 52-year-old spinster with a coffee mug addiction, are best friends in an odd, quirky, totally working kind of way…until Nate’s audacious classmate Darla sets him up on a date with James. Nate’s new romance shakes up his friendship with Margaret, who goes off on her own to pursue her lifelong dream of being a stand-up comedian.  As Nate and Margaret attempt to navigate their new lives apart, they come to realize just how important true friendship really is.

Starring noted television actor and theater performer Natalie West (“Roseanne”, Bushwhacked), Tyler Ross (The Wise Kids), and Gaby Hoffmann (200 Cigarettes, Now & Then), Nate & Margaret shows that age really does not matter in the grand scheme of life, love, and friendship. Directed and co-written by Nathan Adloff, star of Blackmail Boys, Nate & Margaret is a tale as old as time, but a fresh twist as a 21st century gay Harold and Maude.

The DVD release will be loaded with special features including a behind the scenes featurette, deleted scenes, audition tapes, multiple audio and video commentaries with the director, producers, and writers, and the full version of “Untied Strangers”, a short film featured in Nate & Margaret. SRP $24.99.

For more information visit www.BreakingGlassPictures.com or www.Facebook.com/BreakingGlassPictures.

The DVD Nate & Margaret will be available for purchase at our PINKStore, here onPINKmag.com..

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Saturday, October 8th, 2011
Multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning artist Lady Gaga will release a Blu-Ray & DVD copy of the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award winning HBO special Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden that includes exclusive, never before seen footage. Also being released is the album Born This Way The Remix – a 14 track collection of remixes by some of today’s most prominent artists, DJs and producers, including Foster the People, Michael Woods and The Weekend. The new products are also available in a special package called Born This Way, The Collection, that will include the multi-platinum 17-track record Born This Way, the brand new Born This Way The Remix album and the Monster Ball Tour DVD. All items are available beginning November 21st, the same day that the much anticipated Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson book will be released from Grand Central Publishing.

Lady Gaga’s third studio album, Born This Way, broke the iTunes record for the fastest rise to the # 1 on release day. The singles from the album, including “Born This Way,” “Judas,” “The Edge of Glory” and “Yoü and I” have sold a combined total of more than 7 million copies in the US alone. The first single from the album, the title track “Born This Way,” set a music industry record by becoming the fastest single in history to reach sales of 1,000,000 copies (five days after its February 11th release). Only the 19th single to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (issue date February 26, 2011), the recording was Lady Gaga’s third #1 on the chart. On iTunes, the song debuted at the top spot in 14 countries, including the U.S., and hit #1 in all 23 iTunes stores worldwide its first week out. The singles from the album, including “Born This Way”, “Judas”, “The Edge of Glory” & “Yoü & I” have sold a combined total of more than 6 million copies in the  US  alone.

In less than three years, Lady Gaga has earned numerous achievements including five Grammy Awards amongst twelve nominations, two Guinness World Records and the estimated sale of 23 million albums and 64 million singles worldwide. Billboard named her both the “2010 Artist of the Year” and the top selling artist of 2010 ranking her as the 73rd Artist of the 2000’s decade. Gaga has been included in Time’s annual “The 2010 Time 100” list of the most influential people in the world as well as Forbes’ list of the “The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” in the world. Forbes also placed her at number seven on their annual list of the world’s “100 Most Powerful Women.” With over 1.9 billion combined views of all her videos online, Lady Gaga is one of the biggest living people on Facebook with over 44 million ‘likes’ and is #1 on Twitter with over 14 million followers. Lady Gaga is the only artist in the digital era to top the 5 million sales mark with her first two hits.

Source: Press Release from “The Monster Ball tour”