Art Decade, the cross-genre outlet with music so beautifully mysterious, releases their debut album Western Sunrise via Eldest Only Recordings to the world. The accompanying video, which was made almost entirely using Procreate, a $5 iPad app, got major praise from such outlets as MASHABLE, HYPEBOT, MOTIONOGRAPHER, and many more.  Art Decade has teamed up with visionary animator and director, Whitney Alexander. The initial concept of a video was to create a sort of painting in motion in the style of the impressionists. WATCH IT HERE!

The outfit describes its music as neo indie classical, symphonic post-pop and rock, but it actually fits all these categorizations and more. You don’t have to listen long to pick up on a progressive electric guitar part here, and a club dance beat there. Were you to limit it mentally to only the classical/symphonic label, you may well miss out on also recognizing the group’s more aggressive rock instincts, which are very much on overt display.

Art Decade’s guitarist/vocalist/arranger Ben Talmi “grew up on a strict diet of the finest classical music there is,” and it shows. The group’s Western Sunrise album is filled with some of the most breathtaking string arrangements you’ll ever hear on a popular music album.  The band’s other half is Binod Singh, its lone Canadian and more of a Motown and soul guy, on bass. Talmi describes his band’s music as “very organized and clean. The albums are like architecture,” he continues, “every piece has a reason.”

Art Decade’s music is as entertaining, as it is thought provoking. Every once in a while, a band comes along that throws you for a loop. Just when you think you've got them figured out they hurl themselves in the opposite direction, making it impossible to confine them to a singular style. Art Decade is just such a discovery.