Pride/Prejudice – by Ann Herendeen (HarperCollins)
Thursday, February 11th, 2010
Diehard LGBT Jane Austin fans have Ann Herendeen to thank for bringing a haughtily naughty same-sex twist to Austin’s most-popular work, Pride and Prejudice. In this retelling, Fitz and Charles are doing it doggy style—with no graphically dirty detail left untold—and they’re doing it despite the gentlemen of Netherfield’s courtship of the ladies of Longbourn. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is at odds with her secret discovery of the men’s gay sex even though her best friend Charlotte seems to think it isn’t any less immoral than their own lesbian love—told in comparable English akin to Austin’s era and all leading up to a crux of 19th century bisexuality that teases and tantalizes.