The World According to Wonder is the first publication from the Hollywood-based production company World of Wonder, Some of the work produced and directed by the company include fine documentaries and wired original programs, such as  Monica in Black and White, a feature documentary about Monica Lewinsky, Heidi Fleiss: Madam of Crystal and Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinkingand  The Eyes of Tammy FayeIn September 2011, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell premiered on HBO on the very day that the controversial military policy was repealed, and last the HBO documentary In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, celebrating 120 years of Vogue, To top it all Million Dollar Listing and RuPaul's Drag Race became World of Wonder's biggest TV hit shows, and  house hold favorites.  The World According to Wonder is a book jam-packed with hundreds of photos and hilarious stories telling the history of the company and its wired productions.

The eleven chapters spread out over nearly 400 pages are filled with original shots taken by photographers Idris Rheubottom and Tony Craig of many pop culture personalities, and of many celebrity portraits that never seen before.

Written by co-founders and award-winning filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, the book is not only a celebration of twenty one years of production and the people they met. It is also their life story from the time when it was the dawn of reality TV, and they track the rise of this revolutionary genre through their modest triumphs and abysmal failures, sharing their passion for telling drama stories of those on the edge of our society.

Some of those features include Pamela Anderson, Chaz Bono, Andy Cohen, Macaulay Culkin, the Duchess of York, Elvira, Linda Evangelista, Carrie Fisher, Heidi Fleiss, Larry Flynt, Perez Hilton, La Toya Jackson, Kato Kaelin, Lady Bunny, Marilyn Manson, Imelda Marcos, Kelly Osbourne, Camille Paglia, Joey Ramone, RuPaul, Chloe Sevigny, Ultra Naté, Dita von Teese, John Waters, Carnie Wilson, Holly Woodlawn, and many, other celebrities.

The World According to Wonder is the work and cutting edge product of  a twisted duo, once lovers, now old men trying to hold on to a world that has long gone called youth. This celebration of hollywood red carpet, TV personalities, Los Angeles "Want-A-Bees," and "glorious odd moments" is the ultimate in inferior psychotic creativity, dedicated to the celebration of twenty one years of their life. 

This remarkable hard cover book is available for purchase on for only $110.00.


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