Everyone gets butterflies in their stomach when they encounter that someone special.  It’s a universal truth.  But when those butterflies connect, the result can be a force of nature. The passionate, yet turbulent, story of two women who discover the butterfly connection between them which leads to a fiery and clandestine affair and, ultimately, to a perfect love is the premise behind “To Love a Woman or Butterflies … Butterflies … Butterflies…” the first book in a remarkable new trilogy from author Fire De Ville.

Written by an exciting new voice in female erotic literature, this sultry story takes readers on an amazing -- and steamy -- journey.  In this book, readers are introduced to Victoria who becomes enchanted when she meets the vivacious Natalie, who is in a marriage of convenience.  However, their butterfly connection leads to a love so overpowering that the women overturn their lives, knowing they can stop at nothing to pursue a life together.
De Ville’s deft hand takes readers on Victoria’s and Natalie’s sweet and spicy adventures, which span from a tranquil, but boring, country village, to the bright lights of “The City,” to sizzling South Beach. This is a journey that is both playful and sensual, yet plagued with drama, intrigue and surprises. Along the way, Victoria and Natalie encounter jealousy, betrayal, heartbreak, embezzlement, rape, ruffies, death and pregnancy at the hands of bi-sexual husbands, a controlling and bitchy mother, back-stabbing best friends and, of course, a pair of fabulous gay fashion designers.

The story of these two lovers culminates in the birth of Natalie’s daughter, the green-eyed Bella, who will grow up to become the infatuation of Victoria’s two sons, Ben and Bob.

“I wanted to communicate to the world through these two characters that love is love, nothing more, nothing less,” says De Ville. “It doesn’t matter who you love as long as you love.  We all deserve the happiness that being in love provides.”

Available on www.Firedeville.com as Kindle or in soft or hard cover. Also available on Amazon.com, and selected bookstores nationwide. Prices from $5.99.


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