Posted on April 1, 2011
by David Cohen

“You know, I’m a guy, just a plain, old guy. I don’t like to be labeled, I don’t like to sit down and say, ‘Oh yes I’m just a lesbian,’ or, ‘I’m gay.’ Or, whatever, I’m just a guy.” -– Kye Allums

WASHINGTON--Cable Sports Network ESPN interviews junior Kye Allums, who suited up for this season’s George Washington women’s basketball team as the first publicly transgender athlete to play Division I basketball.

Allums is biologically female, has yet to have surgery to change sexes, and says he has not taken any male hormones. Still, he is starting the transition by changing his name from Kiara to Kye, and asking everyone to refer to him as a man.

“I never expected this. No one has ever had to deal with this,” says George Washington Coach Mike Bozeman. Kye plans to have surgery to remove his breasts in May, and the NCAA has said as long as Allums does not take male hormones, he can play his senior season on the women’s team. Sunday on Outside the Lines, ESPN reporter John Barr talks with Allums and his mother, who has been reluctant to accept his transformation.

“Honestly, I was just in denial for quite some time,” says Allums’ mother, Rolanda DelaMartinez. “It was just very hurtful to hear because most moms have this vision of having their kids grow up, get married, have the white picket fence, wear the wedding dress. So, it’s like your dream being shattered.”

Outside the Lines, featuring trans-identified GWU basketball player Kye Allums, airs Sunday, April 3, 2011 on ESPN at 9 a.m. ET.


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