by David Cohen

Few weeks ago I invited my massage therapist Scott Hawkins to join me for lunch at Ay Ay Picante. There is only one word that can described my experience at this Peruvian restaurant–OUTSTANDING!

The food and service at Ay Ay Picante is terrific. Every dish was cooked to perfection. It also had a perfect balance of flavors and spices. During lunch, owner Jaime Bardales and hismanager Edith, shared some of the secrets of Peruvian home cooking with us.

The Ceviche served on a plate instead of in a martini glass, was the best I have ever tested anywhere.  I was very impressed. The Anticuchosa marinated beef hearts served on skewers, is a family recipe dish. Passed from generation to generation the Anticuchos is one of the best dishes on the menu. The Parihuela, a fisherman’s stew is the peruvian version to the Bouillibaise. Cooked in a Inca corn beer, this dish made with fish, calamari, mussels and octopus  is by far my favorite. I just couldn’t stop eating it. Ay Ay Picante for this delectable delight.

Overall, there is only one word to describe my experience, DELICIOUS! Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I had such a great meal. I’m sure, the food will always taste good, and a visit to Ay Ay Picante will be well worth it!  
Ay Ay Picante is my new “Jewel.”

As always, you tell them, you seen them in PINK!

Ay Ay Picante Peruvian Seafood & Steak
4569 North Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL •  773-427-4239  

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by David Cohen

Located in Andersonville, La Fonda Latino Grill offers traditional Colombian specialties with a touch of Latin American influence. Having a drink at La Fonda is something you want to do with couple of your friends, or with your loved one. The wine selection is good, and if you choose to order their exotic cocktails you better be with  good company where you can relax and enjoy. The food overall is very good, and catering service is available. You can have your Civil Union or special occasion here with up to 75 guests.

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La Fonda Latino Grill 
5350 North Broadway • 773-271-3935 
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by David Cohen
Chicago’s Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant offers an astonishingly large menu of Mexican delicacies prepared in the traditional fashion. With two locations on the north side of Chicago. The original location is on Lincoln Ave Just a few doors down from the Victory Gardens theater. This is a great after-theater stop, a good place for dinner and drinks.  The luncheon specials are reasonably priced, and they serve you quickly to ensure you have plenty of time to make it back to the office.

You must try the Empanadas, they are out of this world.  The chips are great and the salsa is spicy. Overall, everything else is good and delicious. When it comes to Margaritas, you must try it on the rocks! The Fiesta Mexicana restaurants offer reasonably priced menu and friendly service. If you thinking about having a “party,” then the sunny indoor patio room is available for corporate and social events with great banquet packages.

Fiesta Mexicana restaurants pride themselves on their fresh food, good service and they will be looking forward to making you a repeat customer!

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Fiesta Mexicana Restaurants

2423 N. Lincoln Ave   773-348-4144  • 4806 N. Broadway
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by David Cohen

For over 40 years owners Harry and Guenter Kempf welcomed their guests with a good cheer. Located at Lincoln Square The Chicago Brauhaus Restaurant has always been the anchor of this neighborhood.

With a relaxed atmosphere, friends and family can always enjoy a good meal, good glass of cold beer, and even dance a little to the sounds of the world famous The Brauhaus Trio.

A trip to this famous establishment is highly recommended , so you can grab a little piece of this wonderful Bavarian tradition. As owners Harry and Guenter always said to us at our last visit “Every day  is Oktoberfest at the Chicago Brauhaus!” For reservation call 773-784-4444.

by David Cohen

Have you ever wonder if you can eat decadent desserts, breads, and sweets every day and still remain healthy and thin?
    The answer is yes.  At B True Bakery baked goods such as cookies, muffins, scones, breads and even cakes can be a good healthy choice for anyone. At B True Bakery, they take the time to transform regular sweet favorites into healthier options without sacrificing the flavor or texture.  B True Bakery’s all-natural, whole grain baked goods are free of trans-fats, enriched, refined flours, and preservatives. They use only natural, seasonal, and local ingredients resulting in an amazing array of delicious baked goods. B True offers a large selection, from muffins and scones, cookies and brownies, and wonderful breads that you will never know are a much healthier choice than their “normal” counterparts.
    "Our whole grain sweets are a delicious indulgence you can enjoy with peace of mind," said Brady Braden, founder and owner of B True Bakery. According to Brady, "Breakfast is a great time to increase your daily whole grain consumption. Our selection of morning pastries and artisan breads will surely please any member of your family."  
    Nine years ago, 70 pounds heavier  and out of shape, Bradly was eating lots of processed food full of fat and sugar. One day, on a visit to his doctor office, Bradly decided it was time to make a positive change and make things happen. "I have always been aware of the complications that being overweight or obese can cause.”  The visit to his doctor was truly a wake-up call. Bradley realized he had to loose the weight. His memories as an active kid, and as a swimmer in high school only helped him to achieve his goal.
    With the help of his encouraging old friend, Brady joined a gym, and shortly after  became a fitness instructor. He worked a few days a week at the gym teaching people how to have fun in spin classes. While continuing his quest for health, Brady enrolled in the French Pastry School in Chicago.  Brady graduated in December 2008, and a few months later in April 2009, he applied his knowledge, skills, and passion and opened his own business, The B True Bakery in Oak Park, Illinois.
    Coming from a baking family, Brady, who had been addicted to sweets, began converting his family recipes into all natural delights. “I removed any ingredients that were processed or contained hormones. That meant real butter, real eggs, raw sugar, whole wheat flour, and more all-natural tasty ingredients." After many experiments and long nights of baking, “I was able to convert most of the recipes into a healthier option. I knew it was still a cookie or brownie, but it didn’t have all that other ‘stuff’ in it that my body doesn’t need." By encouraging his customers to indulge in delectable baked goods while enjoying the health benefits of whole grains, Brady turned the bakery into an overnight success.
    Just as the bakery name implies, Brady has always been true to himself by maintaining a positive attitude. With these core values, Brady helps others to make a change in their lives, while teaching also them the importance of healthy eating and fitness.
    Some of B True Bakery’s delights include: Cranberry and Red Wheat Breakfast Loaf - $6 each; Whole Wheat Banana and Apple Muffins - $1; Apple and Cinnamon Scones - $2.50; Triple Chocolate Wheat Cupcakes - $3. B True also offers healthy dog treats.
    B True’s goodies are delivered to several businesses and farmers' markets in the Chicago area, including Chicago's Downtown Farmstand, Ipsento Coffee House and Roaster, New Wave Coffee, Andersonville Farmer's Market, The
Coffee and Tea Exchange in Lakeview, and at our PINKStore online.  
    For more information about B True Bakery and where to purchase, visit www.btruebakery.com.
As Dining Out for Life  is rapidly approaching, we urge all of you to come out and dine at the participating restaurants, and help Edge Alliance to raise the money necessary for the fight against AIDS.  Join everyone on Thursday, April 26th.  and make a difference – Make Dining Out for Life 2012  a big night, and help Edge Alliance reach their goal to raise $150,00 this year.

Last year, Chicago raised over $125,000 to continue its mission of providing housing with life services to men, women & children living with HIV/AIDS. This year the event hope to raise $150,000. See you dining out on Thursday, April 26th! For more information go to http://www.diningoutforlife.com/chicago/restaurants

David Cohen – Publisher
by David Cohen

There are many ways you can experience ZED451 the recent addition to the steak houses downtown Chicago.  Enjoy a cocktail at the lavish contemporary lounge, have an amazing dinner at the stylish dining room, or come in  for the incredible “all you can eat” fixed price brunch, served every week on Saturday and Sunday.

Located downtown in the heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood at 739 N. Clark Street, ZED451 promises to be an engaging with a new innovating approach to fine dining, an experience that you will never forget!

With natural colors and elements used to create the stylish interiors at ZED451 exudes a warm and relaxed atmosphere, luring pedestrians into the two-story building of glass, wood and stone.

The ultimate fixed price dinner offer the guests a great beginning at the seasonally Harvest Tables or as we refer to it The Salad Bar located at the center of the dinning room. With an extensive array of fresh home made soups, artisan cheeses to include some of the best cheeses found in the USA, hearty breads, charcuterie, unique salads and many side dishes, the salad bar can be a great meal by itself, a meal which will satisfy any hungry soul.

Under the direction of Executive Chef Patrick Quakenbush, the chefs at ZED451 are encouraged to present their very own amuse-bouche to their guests, allowing them to showcase the seasonal ingredients and preparations. This interactive approach might be a new way for fine dining experience where guests have the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want, and perhaps learn something new about food and nutrition.

As you might expect from any authentic Brazilan restaurant, the entrées are served tableside, and include the best cuts of Steaks such as the Grilled Rib eye or the Buttermilk SirloinRibs, poultry and seafood, are the other choices for the main course, all simply seasoned and cooked to perfection. Everything here is cooked in ways to preserve the basic flavor and taste of the meat you select to be sampling.  You can eat as much protein as you can digest, but most guests eat way above what any person can consume in one sitting.

You should try the Orchard Sangria, a white wine infused with brandy, with peaches, plums, apple juice and a splash of soda is the perfect fresh drink to balance your heavy meal.

For deserts, the decadent Home Made Ice Cream in seasonal flavors, and Butterscotch Bread Pudding, a buttery brioche soaked in rich butterscotch custard, topped with house made marshmallow, both deserts will be a delicious choices to end your dining experience at ZED451 and make your experience a dining delight.

ZED451 • 739 N. Clark Street • 312-266-6691. For more information visit www.zed451.com

photos by David Cohen publisher/owner of PINK Magazine and Pink Pages.

Last night PINK hosted Dining Out for Life at Andies’ Andersonville location. Much thanks to all the people who came in, and helped raise money for the fight against AIDS/HIV. There patronage and generous spirits made last night a night to remember. Thanks.

At the personal request of David Cohen, the Publisher and the Editor in Chief, you, your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and acquaintances are asked to join PINK Magazine, Thursday April 28, at the Andersonville location of Andie's Restaurant, in honor and support of North America’s largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser Dining Out for Life.

This year, PINK is taking its sponsoring role as the official 2011 DOFL Chicago Andies Ambassador to its own uniquely festive, fun-filled level, presenting its/Andies’ guests an evening that’s both deliciously engaging and entertaining. Per PINK’s plans, this novel night will be unlike those taking place at any of the 18th annual event’s other 75 participating Chicagoland restaurants.

Thursday the 28th, in-house diners enjoying Andies’s cocktails and refined Mediterranean family fare will also be treated to a PINK-sponsored showcase of exotic entertainment and interactions with local talents as a well a number of huge contests and giveaways. The gifts and prizes of which will include specialty cosmetics, toiletries, books, CDs–like the hard-covered first edition of The L Life: Extraordinary Lesbians Making a Difference, new music downloads from Carsten Andersson, original art by PINK Publisher David Cohen, sexually sophisticated condom kits from OOO Boutique–and more, all in effort to get people to “dine out for life” at Andies and raise operational funding for Edge Alliance via the restaurant’s pledge to donate a portion of the evening’s proceeds to Edge’s HIV/AIDS service initiatives.

Details will be posted here as they develop, and announced via PINK’s weekly eblast, The PINK Spot. In the meantime, mark your calendars to dine out for life at Andies in Andersonville, 5253 N. Clark St., Thursday April 28, as PINK serves up the most deliciously rewarding dish of 2011.

Please call 773.784.8616 to make reservations and attend this evening which PINK promises to be full of outrageous fun, great food, and exciting surprises.

See you there,

David Cohen

Chicago, IL–The way to Chicago’s heart is through its stomach. And with such a big heart, this city has a big stomach to fill. On April 28, all of Chicagoland is invited to celebrate Dining Out for Life, when the largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser in the nation turns 18 years young.

Presented by Edge Alliance (formerly AIDSCare), 80 restaurants in 30 neighborhoods will donate a heaping portion of their proceeds of the night to help provide affordable housing and support services for those living with HIV/AIDS. For the past 18 years, Dining Out for Life has been pulling its weight as a fun and exciting component in the fight against HIV/AIDS, capturing the vitality and style that only Chicago can muster. By dining out at a participating restaurant on April 28, diners will have the opportunity to be a part of an actual solution to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. And, with the event boasting popular restaurants such as Halsted’s Bar & Grill, Wilde Bar & Restaurant, South Water Kitchen and Broadway Cellars, the solution has never sounded so delectable.

Jim Flosi, Founder and CEO of Edge Alliance, wants everyone to join the party. “It’s a lot of fun,” Flosi says. “You go to any of our restaurants on that day and you will have parties all over the place. People look forward to that every year because you’re bringing family, friends, a large group of people to a restaurant, and those are really good nights.”

With great company gathered around delicious food all for a fabulous cause, Dining Out for Life adds more incentive to dine-in with The best raffle this side of Boystown. A donation of $10 or more entrants eligible to win six grand prizes, including a sexy photo shoot as Dining Out for Life’s Next Top Model, flights to the Caribbean, and a spa day to recuperate from all the festivities. Plus, special menus on the date of the event added with festive décor particular to each restaurant will add to making this night memorable.

As an integral part of the fight against HIV/AIDS in Chicago (through affordable house, care and supportive services) since its inception in 1992, Edge Alliance could not continue to meet its charitable goals without the benefits of Dining Out for Life. Flosi first brought the event to Chicago from Philadelphia in 1994 with great success. With the proceeds from the first Dining Out for Life, Edge Alliance was able to open its first affordable housing campus in 1995 which assisted over 250 residents living with HIV/AIDS in its first 10 years.

“I think it’s been getting better and better,” Flosi says. “It’s been getting more professional, it’s becoming more known, and with that knowledge, I see it as continuing to grow.” Already present in Canada, Dining Out for Life has expanded to Nairobi, East Africa opening the doors for further international advancement.

Visit www.diningoutforlife.com for a list of currently participating restaurants.   www.EdgeAlliance.org