Chicago, IL–The way to Chicago’s heart is through its stomach. And with such a big heart, this city has a big stomach to fill. On April 28, all of Chicagoland is invited to celebrate Dining Out for Life, when the largest HIV/AIDS fundraiser in the nation turns 18 years young.

Presented by Edge Alliance (formerly AIDSCare), 80 restaurants in 30 neighborhoods will donate a heaping portion of their proceeds of the night to help provide affordable housing and support services for those living with HIV/AIDS. For the past 18 years, Dining Out for Life has been pulling its weight as a fun and exciting component in the fight against HIV/AIDS, capturing the vitality and style that only Chicago can muster. By dining out at a participating restaurant on April 28, diners will have the opportunity to be a part of an actual solution to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. And, with the event boasting popular restaurants such as Halsted’s Bar & Grill, Wilde Bar & Restaurant, South Water Kitchen and Broadway Cellars, the solution has never sounded so delectable.

Jim Flosi, Founder and CEO of Edge Alliance, wants everyone to join the party. “It’s a lot of fun,” Flosi says. “You go to any of our restaurants on that day and you will have parties all over the place. People look forward to that every year because you’re bringing family, friends, a large group of people to a restaurant, and those are really good nights.”

With great company gathered around delicious food all for a fabulous cause, Dining Out for Life adds more incentive to dine-in with The best raffle this side of Boystown. A donation of $10 or more entrants eligible to win six grand prizes, including a sexy photo shoot as Dining Out for Life’s Next Top Model, flights to the Caribbean, and a spa day to recuperate from all the festivities. Plus, special menus on the date of the event added with festive décor particular to each restaurant will add to making this night memorable.

As an integral part of the fight against HIV/AIDS in Chicago (through affordable house, care and supportive services) since its inception in 1992, Edge Alliance could not continue to meet its charitable goals without the benefits of Dining Out for Life. Flosi first brought the event to Chicago from Philadelphia in 1994 with great success. With the proceeds from the first Dining Out for Life, Edge Alliance was able to open its first affordable housing campus in 1995 which assisted over 250 residents living with HIV/AIDS in its first 10 years.

“I think it’s been getting better and better,” Flosi says. “It’s been getting more professional, it’s becoming more known, and with that knowledge, I see it as continuing to grow.” Already present in Canada, Dining Out for Life has expanded to Nairobi, East Africa opening the doors for further international advancement.

Visit for a list of currently participating restaurants.