by David Cohen

With More than 12,000 participants from  more than 70 nations are expected to compete at the Gay Games which held  in a different country onec in four years.  For a full week people compete in all levels, from complete beginner to elite athletes, in up to 30 sports, and over the years it became a cultural and one of the biggest human rights event for the global LGBT community. 

The last Gay Games was held in Cologne, Germany, and the next one is skedule for 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA.  The 2018 Gay Games event will be the tenth time for the games, and the city of London (UK) is joining the bid for the 2018 location for the games, along with Rio de Janerio (Brazil), Paris (France), Orlando (USA), and Amsterdam (Holland).

The Prime Minister said: “The UK is currently bidding for the Gay Games in 2018 in London, which could give us something to cheer on that year, and I wish them every luck.”

The Gay Games are the largest sporting event in the world open to all. The Olympics are for an elite, but the Gay Games are for everyone. Even you! In fact, the Olympics do discriminate against LGBT participants and only a handful of LGBT athletes compete each year. In many countries LGBT athletes face the death penalty for being gay. And yet the Olympics has no problems with those countries participating in the games. 



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