With millions of views on his YouTube channel, a huge fan club, and a successful debut album titled “ELI LIEB: Place of Paradise,” the good looking young man never gave up hope. “If you want something you must stay on it until you achieve it.”

During his ten years of living in New York City trying to develop his music career in the East Village, Eli took the New York City songwriting scene by storm. After his first performance at Sidewalk Café, he met  with many producers, label executives and big shot collaborators in the industry.

After exploring the big-labels, to no avail, Eli decided to go  back to his hometown. In Iowa he was able to find refuge and get to do what he loves most, writing his own music.  At home, Eli was able to find himself, and regain the focus that would change his life. 

Currently he is working on his sophmore album, “It definitely still has the same electro-pop feel, but there is a little more acoustic stuff in there. I feel like it is just more mature. I think as an artist you keep on evolving and growing and learning more, and I think that this album, I approached it in a way that I knew a lot more than I did for the first album.”

In the fall of 2011, Eli quickly became a YouTube sensation after posting homemade videos of his covers of Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Adele, Lana del Rey and Rihanna. His sensational electropop ballad video “Place of Paradise,” was one of the most exciting, self-produced, club-beat albums that year, garnering over 200,000 views on US Weekly’s website.”I understood what YouTube can do, and I really don’t need the big labels to succeed, what I need is to be happy, healthy, eat well with lots of vegetables and to get enough sleep. You need to be healthy.” 

Perhaps one of the keys to understanding Lieb's intuitive sense of melody and insightful candid lyricsis rooted in his lifelong practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM). Raised in a small  town with loving parents who practiced meditation every day, he  continues to make himself stronger, focused and grateful for what he has in life. TM is the same meditation that the Maharishi introduced to the Beatles.  “Meditation allows me to go through life with positivity and joy and makes me feel a deep connection to the underlying currents that we are all a part of.” These currents of life have led Eli down a very rewarding personal path. While performing at a fundraiser hosted by the David Lynch Foundation, a proponent of Transcendental Meditation, Eli had the opportunity to meet Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Brand, Katy Perry and other celebrities.

Being  honest, writing lyrics from the soul, and staying true to his artistic inspirations  from the deepest levels of his spirit, allow Eli to seamlessly transform these elements into quality raw music with very little editing. When I asked him where he wants to be in five or ten years from now, he reponded, “This is what I want to keep on doing, writing my music...I already made my dreams come true.”