Posted on December 21, 2009
by David Cohen

Just as the summer sun shines on Pride in a seasonal celebration of LGBT lifestyle and love, autumn is overcast with October’s National Coming Out Day and LGBT History Month, reminiscent of our past clouded with prejudice as well as progression. Gay issues have become so poignantly and politically pressing as of late that even President Barack Obama recently got in on the action, directly aligning himself as a soldier in our efforts for equality at the Human Rights Campaign’s 13th Annual National Dinner in Washington, D.C.

In that regard, this issue of PINK proudly profiles Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” man, Madison Hildebrand, as its cover story, featuring original and exclusive images. Hildebrand’s mainstream self-subscription to the unconventional “polyamourous” identity, repeatedly broadcasted on Bravo as neither base nor blue or taboo, is a testament to how open the world at large has (at least somewhat) become toward our openly “poly”-progressing community.

And as an unintentional frontrunner in new wave of LGBT awareness, Hildebrand seems modestly unaware of his profound, positive impact on public perception and consciousness. Profile writer Duane Wells had this to say about his interview with Hildebrand: “Within minutes of arriving at a recently sold million-dollar property…for his cover shoot. He may have sold over $80 million worth of property over the last few years and he may be one of Coldwell Bankers top producers, but there is not a shred of ego about [him]. In fact he is quite the opposite—a mass of cool and easy going confidence sans attitude…”

Also in this issue, PINK reviews two very sexy and sporty sedans, the “Picks” pages showcase super series of select, signature, stuff, most of which is environmentally safe, to consider for your special someone this upcoming holiday season, our Editor takes a trip to “Tinseltown” with Washington Post reporter Hank Stuever, Norah Jones gets a little poppy, Dakota Fanning chomps down on human flesh, and Coco Chanel is perfect bound in a new, first-of-its kind biography.

All this and more in the following pages of PINK.
Have a happy holiday season.



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