Posted on December 17, 2010
by David Cohen

PINK’s annual gift guide, traditionally featured in the magazine’s winter print edition, extends to its exclusive online portal for the 2010-2011 season of giving.

In addition to the spread of unique and distinctive items showcased in PINK’s winter ’10/’11 issue, the magazine’s website and PINK Spot e-blast will report the like every week throughout the winter holidays–as was the case today with features touting Talk to the Turtle’s line of spiritual jewelry and a series of popular new video games for Wii.

This winter holiday season, PINK continues to do the browsing so you don’t have to; and here’s hoping you and yours get as good as you give.

Posted on December 10, 2010
by David Cohen

In order to pass on new areas of growth and opportunity to PINK’s readers and advertisers, the magazine has moved from its Andersonville office. At present, PINK is in a new Uptown location.

PINK new contact information is on this website as well as in its weekly e-blast, “The PINK Spot.” In the meantime, e-mail may be the best way to reach PINK staff.

Please bear with us as we adapt to these transitions. We expect these changes will afford bigger and better things to all and every constituent of the PINK Family.

by David Cohen

With pride and prominence, PINK loudly proclaims its full endorsement of Sara Feigenholtz for Illinois State Representative of the 12th district, comprising the Lakeview, Lincoln Park and Near North neighborhoods.

First elected to the 12th district office in 1994, Feigenholtz has remained an unyielding champion in the advocacy of equality and to the fulfillment of all her constituents’ rights and diverse social/civic needs—especially that of her locality’s dense LGBT populous. One of the most standout in recent is her fight to keep the AIDS Drug Assistance Program financially viable in order to provide life-saving medications to those in need living with HIV/AIDS.

“I am both proud and fortunate to represent the thoughts and ideas of the 106,000 residents of the 12th district,” Feigenholtz writes on her campaign website, “I push to reform the way we do business in our state and fight for lasting systemic change.”

Running as a Democrat, Feigenholt’s platform is one that strongly believes:
Government officials should be held accountable for their actions.
Lawmakers should continue to cut their own pay.
Public education should be adequately funded as an investment in our neighborhood schools.
Senior citizens should be able to age with dignity in their homes.
Investments in green technology will give Illinois a competitive edge in a global marketplace.
Politicians who commit crimes should face jail time and be stripped of their pensions.
All this considered, as well as her longstanding experience, loyalty, connection and compassion toward the community—and many more points of fact too profound and prophetic for any endorsement to ever rightly do justice—Sara Feigenholtz is not only the best qualified candidate running for 12th District State Rep., she’s the only qualified candidate running.

Follow the Feigenholtz trail via her online campaign portal,  familiarize yourself with her office’s ongoing efforts by way of her official site,, and come election day, November 2, 2010, vote Sara Feigenholtz for 12th District State Representative (
Posted on August 12, 2010
by David Cohen • photos by Douglas Spradlin

As the publisher and owner of PINK Magazine I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made the VIP PINK PARTY at The Center on Halsted on August 5, 2010 a fun evening of solidarity and celebration. The generosity of those who attended the fundraising affair is very much appreciated as is the thorough aid and attention of  The Center’s staff and volunteers. To my friends and staff thanks so much for your help, and of course, the staff at the Center on Halsted and it’s  volunteers Simon Chavez, Brad Burton and Ted Jun.

PINK also offers its deep gratitude to all the sponsors who took part in making the evening a reality. Marc Jacobs, Victorias Secret, FCUK, Redken and Salon 1800. TY KU Liquor and Honest Tea. Andie’s, Chicago’s Pizza, El Jardin, Fiorentinos, Mia Francesca, Piatto Pronto and The Bagel. Expose, Piss & Vinegar and Lazzybum Underwear. Fox Home Entertainment and Warner Brothers Entertainment, Big Management and Harper Collins. Waveland Bowl, Kramer’s Pet Sitting, Marilyn Fumagalli Massage, Walgreens and Wrigleyville Dental, Cupid’s Treasures, Fleet Naturals and Mayors Office on Domestic Violence. 
Thank you!
by David Cohen

Last Tuesday, June 22, I was invited to attend the Major’s Gay Pride Reception at the Cultural Center here in Chicago, where many members of our community showed up (as they usually do every year) to celebrate PRIDE month. The biggest surprise that evening was Daily’s announcement that Israel is, for the first time ever, marching at The Chicago Gay Pride Parade on Sunday June 27. I just stopped breathing; I just couldn’t believe the news. With tears in my eyes and mixed emotions, I was happy to hear the good news. As an Israeli-born and raised man, 35 years ago I made one of the biggest decision of my life–to leave the “Milk and Honey” homeland and to move to America, the land of “Gay freedom.” At least that’s what I though those days. Well, 35 years passed by and I’m still waiting for that “gay freedom” to happen…

The next day, while reading my emails, I came across one from Renie, the press officer at the Israeli Consulate to the Midwest. Her message confirmed the news I heard the night before: Israel is joining the parade and Pride Fest. Israel is “Out & Proud

I moved to the USA because I thought America was more advanced than my home country of Israel. But, oh boy, was I wrong. Israel today is one of the world’s most progressive countries in terms of equality for sexual minorities. In recent years, Israel has produced more progressive legislation and court decisions regarding sexual orientation and GLBT rights than many Western countries. Israel has an active gay community, and it is by far the most tolerant Middle Eastern country towards homosexuals.

Israel is recognized as a world leader in LGBT rights. Israeli law gives equal rights to gay couples in the areas of social security and inheritance, and recognizes gay marriages performed in countries where marriages are legal as valid ones. Since 1993, the Israeli Army has banned all forms of discrimination against soldiers and officers on the basis of their sexual orientation. The first openly gay member of the Israeli Parliament was elected in 2002.

All I can say today is I was wrong. What I can say is keep your eyes and ears open and learn from my old land, the land of “milk and honey,” from Israel the country of gold.

Happy Pride!
Posted on June 18, 2010
by David Cohen

Two-dad families – a transition to parenthood

With father’s day approaching, I have decide to share this story with you. The Rockway Institute conducted the first study ever to examine the experiences of gay male partners who became fathers via surrogacy. What they found will not come as a surprise to most of us. The study shows that gay parents are more likely than heterosexual fathers to scale back their careers in order to care for their children.  But the surprising part is, these fathers report that their self-esteem and their closeness to their extended families increases after becoming parents.

“Our findings reinforce the growing research evidence that the sexual orientation of the parents makes little difference in parenting.  Gay couples are making major accommodations in their lives just like their heterosexual counterparts who become parents,” said Robert-Jay Green, PhD., Executive Director of the Rockway Institute.

One of the notable findings was that having a child significantly improved the gay fathers’ self esteem. Nearly all (95 percent) said having a child “makes me feel good about myself” and that their self- esteem had improved after becoming a parent. The new fathers took less care of themselves by sleeping and exercising less and devoting less time to hobbies, leisure activities and involvement in personal causes. Although their reported spirituality had not changed significantly, more of the new parents (an increase from 25 to 38 percent) reported they were attending religious services since adding a child to their family.

The researchers learn that the new fathers “felt extremely positive and proud about being parents… The narratives of the gay fathers in this study underscore how being a parent contributed to greater meaning in their lives… They derived pleasure and pride in taking care of their children, while they also received increasing validation from their families and their communities.”

To learn more about the institute philosophy and how it promote scientific and professional expertise to counter antigay prejudice and improve public policies affecting the LGBT community, visit

Posted on June 11, 2010
by David Cohen
The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) sent me an email, and I need to share the news with you the readers.

Last night the US Department of State announced new guidelines for issuing passports to transgender people. Beginning today, applicants for a gender marker change on their passports will need to submit certification from a physician that they have received ‘appropriate clinical treatment’ for gender transition. Most importantly, gender reassignment surgery is not required under the new policy. The new rules will also apply to changing a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) for US citizens who were born outside of the United States. CRBA’s are the equivalent of a birth certificate.

For years, NCTE (The National Center for Transgender Equality) has been advocating with the State Department to change their rules about gender markers on passports and CRBA’s.  Previously they had required proof of irreversible sex reassignment surgery before the gender marker could be changed, although there were exceptions for temporary, provisional passports to allow someone to travel for surgery.

NCTE and other advocates have stressed with the State Department that this policy unnecessarily called attention to transgender travelers whose appearance and gender marker were at odds. In some destinations, this had the potential to create an extremely dangerous situation when a traveler is outed as transgender in an unwelcoming environment or in the presence of prejudiced security personnel.

Fortunately, the new rules represent a significant advance in providing safe, humane and dignified treatment of transgender people.  There are details in the guidelines about what information a physician must provide and we will communicate those to you as soon as possible. However, the State Department notes that applicants will not need to supply any additional medical documentation and that there is no SRS requirement.

“’We want to extend our thanks to the Obama Administration, and particularly to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, for understanding the need for this change and then responding to make travel safer for transgender people," commented Mara Keisling, Executive Director of NCTE.  This shows how changes in government policy directly impact people’s lives, in this case, for the better. "In the next few days, NCTE will be issuing a definitive resource that fully explains the new guidelines and outlines the ways in which transgender people can make changes to their passports and CRBAs." 

Many people—from elected officials to LGBT advocates—have worked for years to change these policies and deserve credit and thanks. Particularly important work was done by Rep. Barney Frank as well as Rep. Steve Israel in the House of Representatives; Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies (GLIFAA), which represents LGBT employees and their families working in foreign affairs offices for the US government; all of our allied LGBT organizations who have been committed to this work, including the Center for Global Equality, The Task Force, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Lambda Legal and the Human Rights Campaign; and those working on medical policies, including the American Medical Association and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Posted on April 2, 2010
by David Cohen

Just got this email from the U.S. Census Bureau and I would like to share it with you.

As we ready for the largest ever field operation of the 2010 Census, we would like you to know that there are still field positions available in your coverage area. These are all good-paying positions (salaries about $18.25/hour ) and include census takers and office workers. More information about the available positions can be found at

For quick reference, we are also attaching the testing schedules for your area, which we hope you will share with your audience. Keep in mind, the Census Bureau hires locally, so only persons living within city of Chicago communities are eligible for these remaining positions.

Please feel free to invite your patrons to call 1-861-2010 if they have questions or for more information.

Posted on March 25, 2010
by David Cohen

I Just got an email from a media colleague, Mark Segal, the publisher of PGN and I would like to share part of the email with you:

“Each year, the U.S. government funds thousands of capital projects and programs for communities. We in the LGBT community must begin to make that a priority and take the bureaucratic and political steps to fund our projects. After all, we are tax-paying citizens, no different from other communities already receiving not millions but billions of dollars for brick and mortar for their communities.

“We are not addressing funding for HIV/AIDS: We are specifically dealing with LGBT community funding. But the government won’t know that unless we take the proper steps to address this ourselves by researching what programs are offered and applying. This is the next frontier of activism and equality.”

As I was reading it I knew in my heart that this issue is important, and that we need to stand up and fight for it. It’s never too late.

Mark Segal is the publisher of PGN. He can be reached at

Posted on March 18, 2010
by David Cohen

We are proud to announce our partnership with the 17th Annual Dining Out for Life on Thursday, April 29, 2010!

This year’s Dining Out for Life event will mark the culmination of our new citywide fundraising campaign, Dining Out for Life: City of Big Shoulders! This campaign, inspired by Carl Sandburg’s poem ‘Chicago’, will utilize the idea of shoulders as symbols of support. It will feature a range of photographs with groups of people in fun, supportive poses. The new campaign represents Chicago’s incredible diversity, and is sure to attract more volunteers and diners to the event than ever before!

As part of our commitment to the community PINK  is going to announce next week where we are going to host this year and why. PINK will be giving away many Prizes, so stay tune as we promised you will  not be disappointed…