by David Cohen

With pride and prominence, PINK loudly proclaims its full endorsement of Sara Feigenholtz for Illinois State Representative of the 12th district, comprising the Lakeview, Lincoln Park and Near North neighborhoods.

First elected to the 12th district office in 1994, Feigenholtz has remained an unyielding champion in the advocacy of equality and to the fulfillment of all her constituents’ rights and diverse social/civic needs—especially that of her locality’s dense LGBT populous. One of the most standout in recent is her fight to keep the AIDS Drug Assistance Program financially viable in order to provide life-saving medications to those in need living with HIV/AIDS.

“I am both proud and fortunate to represent the thoughts and ideas of the 106,000 residents of the 12th district,” Feigenholtz writes on her campaign website, “I push to reform the way we do business in our state and fight for lasting systemic change.”

Running as a Democrat, Feigenholt’s platform is one that strongly believes:
Government officials should be held accountable for their actions.
Lawmakers should continue to cut their own pay.
Public education should be adequately funded as an investment in our neighborhood schools.
Senior citizens should be able to age with dignity in their homes.
Investments in green technology will give Illinois a competitive edge in a global marketplace.
Politicians who commit crimes should face jail time and be stripped of their pensions.
All this considered, as well as her longstanding experience, loyalty, connection and compassion toward the community—and many more points of fact too profound and prophetic for any endorsement to ever rightly do justice—Sara Feigenholtz is not only the best qualified candidate running for 12th District State Rep., she’s the only qualified candidate running.

Follow the Feigenholtz trail via her online campaign portal,  familiarize yourself with her office’s ongoing efforts by way of her official site,, and come election day, November 2, 2010, vote Sara Feigenholtz for 12th District State Representative (