As the publisher and owner of PINK / PINK PAGES I'm happy to introduce in 2014 the new venture issues of “Marry Me PINK©" the engagement and the wedding. This will be "Ultimate Guide to Gay Weddings and Honeymoon Destinations" and will be the first publication of its kind to hit the LGBT communities in the USA and Canada.  

To celebrate the launch of Marry Me PINK©, and the approval of Gay Weddings in June 2014, we will be hosting two VIP Parties for the release of two issues in Chicago. The winter 2014 and summer 2014 Issues of Marry Me PINK. 

Marry Me PINK© the Engagement issue will be part of the winter 2014 issue of PINK/PINK PAGES. The party will take place in early spring 2014 (the place and date is not final yet). 

For the engagement party we will be inviting gay couples from all over the USA and Canada to join the contest to be married in early June 2014 in the state of Illinois.

From al entries we will choose ten couples that will be competing to win the free wedding celebration in spring 2014. A panel of judges and the guests audience will decide who will be the lucky couple that will be married in June 2014 at the 
Intercontinental Hotel on Michigan Ave. in Chicago  The lucky couple will be married for free. From the Engagement Party to the Wedding our TV sponsors and media will introduce each month three options of different products to the lucky couple, such as the honeymoon destinations, wedding rings, invitations, tuxedos, gowns, wedding cake and more. The audience and the judges will pick up what the couple will get to wear.

We want this event to take place at the Peninsula or Trump hotels, or one of the museums in downtown Chicago. 

Intercontinental Chicago will have a special group code for reservations to Pink Pages guests and their families and friends who will attend either of the parties. The Engagement and the Wedding parties will target an audience of national and international readers. 

The Intercontinental Hotel will be featured as the Host Hotel for the events, as long as the other sponsors are included in all print and digital media coverage
The idea is to have an online submission contest where couples submit their story and explain why they should be selected to have their wedding at the Intercontinental (June event). Deadline for entries is the end of January 2014. Send all request to

Both online and media opportunities will be lined up to continuously "select" the appropriate couple, decor, cake decoration, etc. (much like the way in which the Today Show has done it. There will be opportunity for our PR to further promote this on a national scale. Final selections and travel plans made to return to Chicago for the June event will be announced in spring of  2014.

The June Wedding event and the Magazine Launch will take place on Sunday, June 8, 2014 @ the Renaissance Ballroom at the Intercontinental Hotel on Michigan Ave. in Chicago.

We will be expecting approximately 300 local, national and international LGBT notaries. IL State Rep Sara Feigenholtz as well as Boston based singer Katie Curtis have signed on as "celebrity backers."
Cocktail reception and all liquor will be donated and provided by sponsors, and the Intercontinental Hotel will provide the food and service and the decoration for the Wedding stage. 

PINK will include our famous VIP gift bags, and help promote your clients during the entire events. 

Affiliate program: 
We offer our readers the opportunity to purchase many different services directly from our website. PINK will promote your business for free with email blasts, editorial coverage and more. In return we ask for a percentage of the total sale, just as other companies do with their affiliates programs.

Department stores and retailers will have the opportunity to become "The Registry" sponsors and promote their products and their stores. As a sponsor you will be able to choose as many pages as you wish.
About "Marry Me PINK©" the "Ultimate Guide to Gay Weddings and Honeymoon Destinations."  

This special issues of "Marry Me PINK©" will be published in print and online, and the advertiser ads will appear in both.
Please note: there will be two covers, one for the guys and one for the ladies. 
Free copies will be available at gay bars, community centers, and other gay establishments in major cities all over the USA and Canada. Also, copies of Marry Me PINK© will be available for purchase at $10 each on our website

The Parties. 
Marry Me PINK© the wedding issue will be released on Sunday, June 8, 2014, at the Intercontinental Hotel VIP Party on Michigan Ave in Chicago, and will be issued separately — the "Ultimate Guide to Gay Weddings and Honeymoon Destinations."  (Hard cover with gold embodied title).

The Wedding VIP Party will mark the beginning of our 25th Year Anniversary, not to mention the legacy and contribution of PINK and PINK PAGES to our community. For the 25th year Anniversary we are planning more surprises and information will be available later in 2014.

These issues will include step by step information on getting married. There will be two covers––one for the guys and the other for lesbians. In order to maintain our high level of editorial coverage, promotions and reputation, we do require advertising and sponsors support. 

Thank you guys for working with us on this important promotion, and for our fight for equality.