by Jason Dabrowski, Jacob Christopher Green and Calidonia Olivares • Directed by Calidonia Olivares

“Throw Andrea McArdle, George Romero and Chi Chi LaRue into a blender and you’d be lucky if you get something as outrageous and sick with fun as Hubris Productions’ “Annee Pocalypse.” - Brian Kirst

That’s right folks, she’s back!  Our very own Little Whorin Annee is back in Chi-Town just in time for the elections. It’s the very near future and the world is in zombie-filled, right-wing-run, post-apocalyptic chaos. Whew! With “frighteningly funny…pseudo political content…great penis gag lines” and witty lyrics put to music reinterpreted by John Kamys (Jinx Titanic), Anne Pocalypse will have you laughing hours past its 60 minutes.  Now with MORE CAMP! So c’mon and see if the world is still here tomorrow.
From September 08, 2012, to September 23, 2012, with Special Election show on November 01, 2012.
Thursdays - Sundays @8:00pm • Doors Open at 7:30 • Run Time: One Hour no intermission
Price: $25 VIP: General: $15  • Tickets available at
@ Mary’s Attic • 5400 N Clark Street • Chicago, IL 60640


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