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Openly Gay Actor & Comedian JASON STUART in Chicago 5 shows only!  August 16-18 

As the first openly gay comedian to headline at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood, California, Jason Stuart has been making audiences laugh out loud since 1983. Jason came out publicly in 1993 on the Geraldo show in an episode called “Unconventional Comedians”. And with this appearance, he is celebrating 20 years of being openly gay in the entertainment biz!
Jamie Masada, The Laugh Factory’s owner, has given Jason a place to work and grow as a comedian for 30 years. In 1995, Jamie gave Jason the club for a full week to celebrate National Coming Out Day,  an event that generated a cover story in the Los Angeles Times.“Jason Stuart has always been ahead of our time.  He paved the road for gay entertainers in Hollywood and gave them to courage to be themselves.” 

With over 150 film & TV shows under his belt, and his own hour special on the gay network, Jason  always supported other openly gay actors and many events and organizations of the LGBT community. “It’s not always easy, but it became more important to me to be openly gay than to be in show biz.  I was willing to risk my career to be authentic, but it actually worked out OK”, he says. Its pioneering work includes a survey on out actors, 
He looks forward to sharing that with Chicago.  “To have the same rights is the goal for my fellow gay artists”, says Jason… a simple guy from a crazy town called Hollywood!

 •  The show on August 16th, is a Benefit for Test Positive Awareness Network in Chicago. 
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